Recreational Services

Aquatics Center Rules and Regulations

  • The aquatics center may only be used when two lifeguards are on duty
  • It is highly recommended to shower before entering pools or spa
  • Lifeguards and UTREC staff have the authority to enforce all pool rules.  Patrons who repeatedly violate the rules or reasonable requests of staff may be ejected from the facility
  • Organized groups must follow our group use policies, and must be directly supervised by chaperones
  • All groups must schedule their visits in advance
  • Patrons must walk on the deck; no running/skipping/power walking
  • Only sandals or bare feet are allowed on the pool deck
  • Food or gum is prohibited at all times on the pool deck
  • Drinks brought into the pool deck and patio area must be in a spill proof plastic container
  • The aquatics center may not be used for private or commercial purposes without reservation
  • Examples of prohibited activity include, but are not limited to: organized athletic team or individual practices, personal training, private instruction, sales, solicitation, etc.
  • Patrons with open sores, skin irritation, rashes, or casts are asked to refrain from using the pools and spa
  • No underwater distance swimming or extended breath holding activities are permitted for longer than 15 seconds
  • Unless included in competitive swim under the direct supervision of coaching staff
  • Horseplay or any behavior deemed unsafe will not be tolerated. Running, dunking, pushing, water fighting, chicken fight, splashing, spitting water etc. are prohibited
  • No diving (sitting, kneeling, or standing) from the sides in the Main or Leisure pools
  • Diving is permitted off the side of pools at 9 feet or more, unless main pool lanes 1-8 are being used during a competitive swim practice and under the supervision of a certified coach
  • The parent/guardian/chaperone must be within an arm’s reach when in the water with a child 7 years of age and under or who is using a flotation device
  • Lifeguards have discretionary authority to require a parent to be in the water with the child over 7 years of age whom they judge to be a weak swimmer
  • 12 and younger are not permitted to use the high dive (3 meter board)
  • One parent/sponsor can only be responsible for no more than 3 non-swimmers


  • Only clean swim attire, designed for pool use may be worn in the pools and spa
  • A clean T-shirt may be worn over swim attire
  • Athletic shorts, spandex and undergarments are examples of inappropriate swim attire
  • All swim attire must have appropriate coverage
  • When using the pool, children in diapers must wear protective plastic pants with secure leg closure or swim diapers


  • Personal water toys, water wings, life jackets and rafts may NOT be brought into the pools
  • UT Recreational Services provides Coast Guard approved life jackets for member and guest use
  • Participants are welcome to bring in and use personal use items including goggles, mask and snorkel, swim caps and pull buoys
  • All toys and equipment must be used in their intended way (i.e. don’t use the kick boards as surf boards or pull buoys as water wings)
  • Use of the starting blocks is prohibited except for competitive swim practice or meets and age and ability specific Learn to Swim classes offered by The University of Toledo

Competition Pool

  • Lap lanes can only be used by those 13 years old and over, or children who have passed a department required swimming test and is wearing a red wrist band
  • Lap lanes are reserved for individuals swimming laps, during busy times lap swimmers are required to share lanes (circle swim)
  • The back three lanes may be used for lap swimming during scheduled times
  • Do not hang or pull on lane lines

Dive Well

  • No back flips, back dives or backward jumps are permitted by recreational swimmers during open swim
  • Diving well, 1 meter boards and platform can only be used by those age 13 and up and children who have passed the swimming test and are wearing a red wrist band
  • The 3 Meter (high dive) board can only be used for competitive dive practices and competitions under the supervision of a certified coach
  • The 3 meter board is not available for open swim, shared rentals or exclusive rentals
  • When using the diving boards, exit from the ladder closest to the diving board
  • Only one person on the board and steps of the 1 meter boards at a time
  • Users may only bounce or spring once per jump/dive
  • Running on the boards is prohibited
  • When the diving boards are in use, diving off the side is prohibited
  • Wearing goggles is not permitted while using the diving boards

Leisure Pool

  • No standing/walking/climbing on the retaining walls or island
  • Jumping into bubble bench area or whirl pool area is prohibited
  • No diving or head first entries from the side
  • Water slide can only be used by those over 48” tall (4 feet)
  • Lifeguards have the ability to prohibit weak swimmers from using the slide, no matter their height
  • When going down the water slide, patrons must go feet first, sitting in either an upright position or lying flat on their back (NO STOMACH DOWN)
  • Keep patrons away from the mouth of the slide while the slide is on and in use
  • Goggles and life jackets are not permitted on the slide


  • Recommended maximum total duration is 10 minutes as excessive exposure can be harmful
  • Pregnant women, elderly persons and/or persons with medical problems should not enter the sauna without prior medical consultation and permission from their doctor
  • Children under 13 years of age are prohibited from using the sauna
  • It is recommended that participants remove all jewelry before using the sauna
  • Under no circumstances should users wear excess clothing such as a sweat suit, long pants, long sleeve shirts, shoes or a rubberized suit while in the sauna
  • Users are required to bring and sit on a towel
  • Exercising in the sauna is prohibited
  • Tampering with the thermostat or heating mechanism is not permitted. Please inform a lifeguard if thermostat is not working properly
  • Sauna is dry sauna, pouring water or any other liquid over the heating element is strictly prohibited
  • Liquids, food, gum, essential oils and supplements are not permitted


  • Pregnant women, elderly persons and/or persons with medical problems should not enter the spa without prior medical consultation and permission from their doctor
  • Avoid food or alcoholic beverages prior to using the spa
  • Children under 13 years of age are prohibited from using the spa or sitting on the spa steps

Printable Aquatics  Center Rules and Regulations

Last Updated: 6/27/22