Recreational Services

Climb Wall Policies and Rules

  • UT Recreational Services climbing staff must be present in order for members to climb or be in the climbing area
  • All participants must read and understand the climbing rules
  • All participants are required to sign a policies and waiver form before being allowed to climb
  • All personal belongings and bags should be kept off the floors
  • Items can be stored in lockers or cubbies
  • A maximum of 6 people can be on the wall at a time
  • Members and guests cannot climb above yellow line unless they are wearing a harness and are properly tied in and belayed by either a UT Recreational Services Climb Wall Specialist or by a person who holds a current UT Recreational Services climb card
  • Climbing commands must always be used when top roping


  • When bouldering at the UT Recreational Services the person’s waist must stay below the yellow line
  • Bouldering can be done by anyone age 5 or over, and no climb card is required

Top Roping

  • When top roping climbers must be belayed by either a UT Recreational Services Climb Wall Specialist or by a person who holds a current UT Recreational Services climb card
  • Quick descents or swinging from the rope will not be permitted
  • Proper belay techniques and commands must be used at all times
  • Climbers are required to use the UT Recreational Services  equipment such as: Ropes, Carabineers, and Belay Devices
  • Only one climber per rope
  • Never use lead climbing anchor as hold
  • Tie belay ropes to looped anchor rope when not in use
  • Top roping ropes must be tied to the daisy chains when not in use


  • Climbers must wear clean athletic shoes, running shoes or climbing shoes
  • Boots, sandals, hard-soled shoes or bare feet are not permitted
  • All hand jewelry or long necklaces must be removed. Hair must be tied back when necessary
  • All pockets must be free of items (e.g., coins, keys, knives, cell phones, etc.)
  • No hats are permitted


  • Climbers with climb cards who are attempting to top rope must use Rec Center carabineers and belay devices
  • Climber using their own chalk bags must also use their own chalk
  • UTREC Center provides harnesses for climbers wishing to top rope
  • Personal harnesses are permitted but must pass inspection from the climb wall supervisor on duty.
  • Supervisors look for the following when inspecting personal harnesses:
    • Manufactured less than 10 years ago
    • Bend the belt in an inverted "U." Watch for frayed edges, broken fibers, pulled stitches, cuts or chemical damage.
    • Check D-rings and D-ring metal wear pads for distortion, cracks, breaks, and rough or sharp edges.
    • The D-ring bar should be at a 90 degree angle with the long axis of the belt and should pivot freely

Minimum Climb/Belay Age

  • Climbers must be at least 5 years of age and able to fit into a child harness
  • Please note minors (climbers 17 years of age and younger) must have a parent’s or legal guardian’s signature on all forms
  • You must be at least thirteen years of age to participate in a climb clinic, to hold a climb card, and to use the belay devices

Printable Climb Wall Policies and Rules

Last Updated: 7/15/24