Title IX Information

Advisor Pool

The Title IX Office ensures that both Complainants and Respondents have a right to an Advisor during the Title IX Process. The parties may each have an Advisor of their choice present with them for all meetings, interviews, and hearings they attend within the formal grievance process, if they so choose. The parties may select whoever they wish to serve as their Advisor as long as the Advisor is eligible and available.

The Advisor may be a friend, mentor, family member, attorney, union representative or any other individual a party chooses to advise, support, and/or consult with them throughout the resolution process. The parties may choose Advisors from inside or outside of the University community.

The Title IX Coordinator will make available an Advisor for any party if the party so chooses. If the parties choose an Advisor from the pool available from the University, the Advisor will be familiar with the University’s resolution process.

Please contact the Title IX Office, TitleIX@utoledo.edu for a full list of Advisors who have been made available to the Complainant or Respondent during the Title IX Process should the Complainant or Respondent not have an Advisor already selected.

For a detailed procedural understanding of an Advisor’s role please review the Title IX Procedures.

Last Updated: 1/6/23