Title IX Information

Title IX Team

University of Toledo Title IX & Compliance team

In accordance with Title IX regulations, the University has designated Vicky Kulicke, Director, Title IX & Compliance with monitoring compliance with the Title IX regulations. Questions regarding Title IX, as well as concerns and complaints of non-compliance, may be directed to:

Vicky Kulicke

Vicky Kulicke
Director, Title IX and Compliance & Title IX Coordinator
Snyder Memorial Hall, Room 1120
SM 1120-B
Mail Stop: 137
Email: Vicky.Kulicke@utoledo.edu

Zoe Zulakis

Zoe Zulakis
Title IX & Sexual Misconduct Investigator
Snyder Memorial Hall, Room 1120
SM 1120-D
Mail Stop: 137
Email: zoe.zulakis@utoledo.edu

Kevin West

Michelle McDevitt
Assistant Director Title IX and Compliance & Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Snyder Memorial, Room 1120
SM 1120-A
Mail Stop: 137
Email: Michelle.Mcdevitt2@utoledo.edu

Lindsay Tuttle

Lindsay A. Tuttle
Manager, Title IX Compliance, Prevention, and Assessment
Snyder Memorial Hall, Room 1120
SM 1120-C
Mail Stop: 137
Email: Lindsay.Tuttle@utoledo.edu



Last Updated: 7/28/22