Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

EECS Focus Groups

Communications and Signal Processing (CSP)

Focus Areas:Modeling, simulation and performance analysis of communication systems, mobile/satellite system architecture, network and payload design, tactical communication networks and digital multimedia broadcasting High performance embedded hardware implementation of sensor array processing algorithms, radar signal processing, digital receiver, FPGA and Cell based embedded systems for smart antennas and adaptive control systems, application specific computer architectures, in-vehicle networks and data bus. Data compression-multimedia communication, image/video/signal processing, applied neural networks for industrial and medical applications.

Group Leader: Dr. Jamali
Group Members: Dr. Kim, Dr. Salari
Labs: Communications Lab

High-Performance Computing Systems (HPCS)

Focus Areas:High performance computing and visualization, Information security, High performance scalable software, Information systems and services, System software for parallel computing, Numerical computing and applications, Hypermedia & multimedia environments.

Group Leader:Dr. Niamat
Group Members: Dr. Jamali, Dr. Kaur, Dr. Standley, Dr. Alam
Labs: Advanced System Lab, OCARNet Lab, Knowledge Based Systems Lab

Software and Intelligent Systems (SIS)

Focus Areas: Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Artificial neural networks, Data-mining, Fuzzy, Neuro-fuzzy, Evolutionary computation based hybrid techniques for knowledge extraction, Fuzzy/Probabilistic reasoning.

Group Leader: Dr. Serpen
Group Members: Dr. Kaur, Dr. Shenai, Dr. Carvalho, Dr. Heuring, Dr. Ledgard
Labs: Artificial Intelligence Lab, Knowledge Based Systems Lab

Power Electronics and Energy Systems (PEES)

Focus Areas: Power Systems, Power Electronics Electric Machines, Advanced Digital and Analog Control Techniques, Integrated-Circuit Implementation of Controllers for High-Efficiency, High-Frequency DC Power Supplies, High-Performance Low-Harmonic Rectifiers, Intelligent Control of Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems, Design of a Novel Generator and Advanced Battery Management System.

Group Leader: Dr. Stuart
Group Members: Dr. King, Dr. Shenai, Dr. Wang
Labs: Power Electronics Lab, Electric Machines Lab

Solid-State and RF Devices and Systems (SRDS)

Focus Areas: Thin film and Third generation solar photovoltaics materials and devices, New light emitting diodes (LED’s), Breakthrough high-frequency solid-state power switching devices, Rugged sensors, Low-power CMOS devices, Filters and low-noise amplifiers, High-performance power amplifiers for wireless communication, Intelligent energy and water management systems, Intelligent monolithic adaptable low-power wideband antenna, Miniaturized medical devices, Next-generation EM-CAD packages, Next-generation input devices for games and virtual reality, Power and RF magnetic components, RF modules for environmental and healthcare monitoring and control, RFI and EMI measurement, analysis and modeling, RFIDs for commercial and defense applications, Signal integrity optimization techniques, Wireless human interface devices, Wireless agricultural manufacturing systems.

Group Leader: Dr. Devabhaktuni 
Group Members: Dr. Collins, Dr. Jha, Dr. Compaan, Dr. Deng, Dr. Georgiev, Dr. Khare, Dr. Marsillac, Dr. Shenai, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Wang
Labs: Semiconductor Design Lab, Nanoelectronic Materials and Devices Lab, Electronics Materials Lab, PVIC, Center for Material Science and Engineering, CAD/CAE Lab
Last Updated: 6/27/22