Office of Student Involvement & Leadership


Charitable Contributions

University funds may NOT be used as charitable donations or contributions to an outside entity or non-profit organization. Student organizations may conduct fundraisers to raise money as a charitable contribution as long as the Event Request form is properly completed, submitted and approved in the Involvement Network.

Ticket Sales and Admission fees

Student organizations are encouraged to use the UT Marketplace online system to sell tickets for their event, rather than accepting cash at the event. For more information, visit this page.

Depositing Funds

The money gained through a fundraising event must be deposited into an approved account (UT or off-campus) before it can be spent. If it is deposited into your UT account, you can specify which sub-account you want the funds to go toward (e.g., sponsored events, printing, etc.). If an organization uses some of their UT budget money to seed the fundraiser, the seed sub-account must be reimbursed and the profit can be placed into the sub-account of choice. 

Types of Fundraising Events


Student organizations may hold silent or live auctions on items as long as other fundraising guidelines are followed (See Gambling below).

Auctions that involve the process of bidding on a human being for the services of or the ability to spend time with a certain person are discouraged. Although these types of events are usually held with good intentions, we would like to challenge organization leaders to think more in depth about these types of events and their potential effects on the campus community. These types of events devalue a person to the level of merchandise and involves a comparison of the relative value of each person being auctioned. For these reasons and more, OSIL strongly encourages student organizations to hold alternative events and fundraisers.

Bake Sales

All applicable sanitation guidelines and health code regulations apply. More information can be found here.

Gambling, Bingo, Raffles, & Casino Games

State gambling laws apply to student organizations and their activities. More information can be found here.

Philanthropy Dinners

Food may be sold to raise money for an external entity as long as specific guidelines are followed. More information can be found here.

Other opportunities

  • Campus Causes  -  You, your friends and your family can shop for brands everyone loves while earning cash back towards your fundraising campaign.
  • Restaurant Give-Back NightsThe restaurant gives your group a percentage of the sales on a designated night for all the customers that your organization brings to their business. 
Last Updated: 6/27/22