Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Speakers, Entertainers, and Performers


Any speaker, presenter, entertainer or facilitator performing at UToledo at the invitation of a registered student organization shall abide by University Policies ( while present on campus and/or during the event. Failure to adhere to University Policies may result in cancellation of the performance.


There are experts in many areas employed by the University of Toledo, and student organizations are encouraged to seek out and take advantage of these “in-house” experts. However, UToledo employees may not be compensated in any way for their help or services provided to a UToledo student organization. Speakers, entertainers, facilitators, etc. who are not UToledo employees may be paid for their contribution through an organization’s “honoraria” budget line. Click for more information about student organization funding and banking.


If a non-employee speaker or entertainer is recruited to perform or present at UToledo, a University contract must be initiated through OSIL at least 10 weeks prior to the proposed date of the performance. Only UToledo’s legal office personnel may review and negotiate contracts on behalf of the University. Only the proper University signatory may sign contracts on behalf of the University. Students do not have the authority to negotiate agreements, make promises, sign contracts or obligate the University in any way. Click here for more information about the contract request process.

Last Updated: 6/27/22