Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program

OTD Student Support and Services

Engaging in graduate education is rewarding but the growth that occurs is often challenging. UToledo offers many services for students to assist them with their transition into graduate school and help propel them forward into their professional career.

Services include:

Academic Enrichment Center – provides peer group and individualized tutoring, academic and wellness coaching

Graduate Success Center - Graduate Success Center – focuses on helping students thrive personally, academically, and professionally

Counseling Center – hosts a variety of mental health related events and provides free and confidential mental health services to currently enrolled students

The Writing Center - assist students individually at any stage of academic or personal writing

Student Recreation Center – offers a wide array of activity options in an amazing facility

OTD students talking in a circle

Some Student Quotes 

How is the ratio of class to professor?  

“The ratio was really nice. It was nice when professors would start to remember some of the names of classmates and I think having a small cohort contributed to that.”

“I enjoy having a smaller cohort because it helps with bonding within the cohort. I feel like all of my professors know me very well and I am able to establish professional relationships with all of them.”


“I really enjoy having a smaller cohort and ratio of class to professor. It really allows you to get to become close with one another. I also enjoy the ability we have to speak directly with our professors and can be more one on one with the smaller group of classmates. I went to a smaller school for undergrad so I really enjoyed having that similar feel with a small cohort.”

“I LOVE having a smaller cohort. It was very easy to make friends. We will frequently study, practice for checkoffs, and get food together. Everyone has been so supportive of each other. Professors get to know the students better and really work hard to make sure we all succeed.”

“I really enjoyed having a smaller cohort and felt that I got more support from faculty as a result, especially coming from a large school for my undergraduate degree.”

Last Updated: 12/20/22