Bioinformatics Program

msbs curriculum

Fall 1   9 credits
BMSP6340  Genes & Genomes 2cr
BIPG5200  Statistical Methods in BPG 3cr
BIPG5100  Fundamentals in BPG 3cr
BMSP6390* Mentored Research 1cr (2x7 week lab rotations)

* Students must register for a specific 8 week/2cr section of Mentored Research course. As a prerequisite, students must attend an introductory series of short research presentations, which helps them to decide who they want to consider as thesis advisors.

Spring 1  9 credits
BIPG6100 Bioinformatic Computation 3cr
EITHER: BIPG6400 Applications of BPG 3cr (odd years)
       OR: BRIM6200 Biomarker Discovery Validation & Implementation 3cr (even years)
BMSP6350 Cell Biology & Signaling 3cr
BIPG6890 Independent Study in BPG 0cr


Summer 1   6cr
BIPG5400 Bioinformatic Databases  1cr
BIPG5500 Mining Omics Data 1cr
BIPG6990 Thesis in Bioinformatics 3cr   
INDI 6020 On Being a Scientist 1cr                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



Fall 2   9 cr
Elective 1 3cr
BIPG5300 Current Topics in BPG (Journal Club) 1cr
BIPG6990 Thesis in Bioinformatics 5cr

*For BIPG6990 Thesis in Bioinformatics: Register for your mentor’s section.

Spring 2  9 cr
Elective 2 3cr 
BIPG6990 Thesis in Bioinformatics 6cr


Didactic (non-elective) credits = 20
Thesis Research credits = 15 (10 required) 
Electives credits = 6

TOTAL: 42 cr


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