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Digital Diplomas and Certificates

A Certified Electronic Credential Overview

UToledo now offers digital diplomas and certificates. These are certified electronic credentials known as a CeDiploma or CeCertificate.

CeCredentials are not currently available for students that graduated prior to May 2022.

How to Access Your Digital Diploma or Certificate

You will receive an email with a link to download your credential when it is available from our trusted partner, CeCredentialTrust. To request a new download link, please use the CeCredential Trust site to resend the link.


The Benefits of Going Digital

It's a secure, verifiable and official PDF you can share.

  • Employers love the CeDiploma. It is simple to read, easy to understand, and is directly validated by your institution in seconds.
  • Enjoy unlimited sharing with family, friends, and employers. You can even share it on social media.
  • Show instant proof of your education using Validation Services.
  • Save the PDF on as many devices as you want.
  • Enhance your resume by adding the CeDiD* and validation URL directly to it.

*CeDiD = a unique 12-digit Certified Electronic Document Identifier

Note: A credential may not be available for all conferral dates. For security reasons, the electronic credential cannot be printed.

Additional Resources


Learn more about the security features of CeDiploma or CeCertificate.


Validate the authenticity of a CeDiploma or CeCertificate through UToledo.

Frequently Asked Questions

This will take you to CeDiploma's site where you can view commonly asked questions about the CeDiploma or CeCertificate.

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