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Linked Courses

What are linked courses?

Linked courses are courses for which you must register concurrently for sections of the same course. This would consist of a combination of a lecture and/or a recitation, and/or a lab section with the same course number.

How do I register for a linked course?

    • Log into your myUT Portal>Student Tab>MyToolkit>Look Up Classes
    • First identify the CRN (course reference number) for the course you would like to take. 
    • Lectures will be identified with an L1, Labs with a B1, and Recitations with an R1 in the course title.
    • If you see an L1, R1 or B1 in a course title, that indicates that there is at least one other section of the course, with the same course number, that needs to be taken concurrently.
    • NOTE: Some linked courses are identified with higher numbers. For example, L2 lectures may be linked with R2 recitations or B2 labs. L3 lectures may be linked with R3 recitations and B3 labs, etc.
    • Use the Look Up Classes search function to see all sections of a course and identify link information in the titles.

    • Write down the CRN’s for the linked courses you would like to register for and click the Add to Worksheet button.
    • Enter each CRN into a box under Add Classes Worksheet and Submit Changes.
    • **Please note** Each CRN must be added and submitted together to process the registration.
    • If registration was successful you will see in the Action column, **Web Registered**. In the event you receive a registration error, please contact the appropriate department.

How do I drop/withdrawal from a linked course?

You must perform the same function on all connected courses to process the drop/withdrawal within the myUT portal.

If you need additional assistance, please email the Registrar’s Office.


Last Updated: 6/30/19