History Department

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Faculty and Staff


Full-Time Faculty 

Charles Beatty Medina, Professor, Latin American History, Conquest and Colonialism, African Diaspora and Atlantic

Kristen Geaman, Associate Lecturer, Medieval and Early Modern England, Medieval Spain, History Methods

Chelsea Griffis, Associate Lecturer, 20th Century United States, Women’s Social Movements

Barry Jackisch, Visiting Associate Professor, Modern Europe, Germany, the Holocaust and Genocide, Russia and Eastern Europe,  Environmental History

Shingi MavimaAssistant Professor, History of Southern African (colonial and postcolonial), African literature and popular culture

Ami Pflugrad-Jackisch, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Early American History, Gender, Race, the Old South

Roberto Padilla, Associate Professor,  Asian history, Meiji Japan, History of Medicine, Military History

Michael Stauch, Assistant Professor, 20th Century U.S., Race and Ethnicity, Urban History

Part-Time Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Diane F. Britton, Public History, Late 19th-20th Century U.S., Ethnic America

Lorin Lee Cary, U.S. Labor History

William D. Hoover, Japanese Studies and East Asian Studies

Peter Linebaugh, British, Irish, and Atlantic History

William H. Longton, Antebellum Southern and U.S. Early National

Ronald Lora, American Intellectual, Political, and Cultural History

Theodore Natsoulas, African and Middle Eastern History

Roger Ray, Medieval History

Larry D. Wilcox, Modern European History with a specialization in Holocaust Studies

Affiliate faculty

Kim Nielsen, Professor, U.S. Disability History, Disability Law, Eugenics


Amada Esquivel, Department Secretary
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