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The Toledo International Hospitality Program (TIHP) exists to promote friendship and cultural exchange between Toledo residents and international students from the University of Toledo.  Individuals and families from the community are matched with students from all over the world and they agree to get together about once a month.

For more information or to apply to become part of this amazing global opportunity, click on the appropriate link below: 

Resources for American participants

Click for --> Online American Family application

(This is for AMERICAN FAMILIES to fill out, international student please use link below)

Download a flyer with a brief description (use this to promote for American volunteers)

Deadline for American Friendship Family Applications:  January 31, 2022
Applications received after January 31 will also be accepted, however later applicants may have difficulty getting signed up for a scheduled orientation. 

Schedule of Events for American orientations and Intro Party  

Resources for International Students

Click for --> Online International student Application

(This form is for INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS to fill out) 

Download a flyer with a brief description (for students)

Deadline for Student Applications: January 21, 2022

Students orientation dates:  To be announced (All participants are required to attend one session)

At the orientation, a time will be scheduled for families to meet their students virtually.

Intro Party Date: February 13, 2022 6:00 - 8:00 pm, Student Union Ingman Room

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