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Our students have some of the best high school GPAs and ACT scores on campus.

Of bioengineering students are women.

Of our students are pre-med.

Bioengineering Bachelor's Degree

UToledo offers a 4 1/2-year accredited Bachelor of Science degree in Bioengineering.

  • More than 45 hours of bioengineering courses
  • Award-winning faculty
  • Three required paid co-ops = a year of industry experience
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • An excellent pre-med pathway

Hands-on labs in three cores areas of bioengineering are something you won't get in most other programs.

  • Biomechanical
  • Bioelectrical
  • Biochemical

Get a head start on a master's degree in our accelerated B.S./M.S. program. Take graduate-level courses while paying undergraduate tuition.

What is Bioengineering?

  • Design an artificial hip or knee.
  • Use living tissue to create artificial organs.
  • Design medical devices to improve healthcare.
  • Go to medical school.

Bioengineering is the application of the life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and engineering principles to define and solve problems in biology, medicine, healthcare and other fields.

It is a relatively new discipline that combines many aspects of traditional engineering fields:

  • Mechanical engineering with orthopedic implants, rehabilitation, manufacturing
  • Electrical and computer engineering with medical sensors, medical devices, medical imaging
  • Chemical engineering with pharmaceuticals, tissue engineering, artificial organs

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What's the Difference between Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering?

The two terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

Biomedical engineering came first, since the field began with engineering medical devices. It soon expanded to include all life sciences — agriculture, natural resources, pharmaceuticals and more.

Bioengineering is a broader term that includes the life sciences as well as biomedical engineering.

Why UToledo Bioengineering?

Our accredited program focuses on practical experiences that translate to jobs. Read more about co-ops, your career outlook, curriculum and more.

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Bioengineering – A Smart Choice For Pre-Med Students

Many UToledo pre-med students choose bioengineering as a major.

  • Bioengineering majors are accepted into medical school at higher rates than students with physical science degrees.
  • Our rigorous curriculum prepares you well for the MCAT, the medical school entrance exam, and medical school.
  • Gain the technical expertise and problem-solving skills that medical schools value.

Pre-med Pathways


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