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  •  What courses are needed for a Bioengineer?   All courses required to complete the degree are listed on the program flowcharts 
  • Bioengineering Courses (
  • Do I have to follow the BIOE flowchart? Yes, it is imperative that students follow their flowchart. The flowchart will list when students go on co-ops and when to take classes. Certain courses are only offered once a year. Courses need to be taken in order to meet prerequisites requirements. Deviating from the flowchart could delay graduation (possibly up to one year).
  • What does Corequisite mean? Corequisite: A course that is required to be taken simultaneously with another course.
  • What does Prerequisite mean? Prerequisite: A course or a placement test that is required to be completed with a passing grade before being able to register for a specific course. You must complete prerequisites before taking other courses. Prerequisites are listed under the portal when looking up classes. They will be strictly enforced.
  • What is a degree audit report? The Degree Audit Report (DAR) provides information regarding the degree requirements for specific majors and minors. Specifically, the DAR shows how the completed course information from a student's transcript is used towards satisfying the degree requirements.
  • How do I get a degree audit report?  Students may access Degree Audit Reports by logging into their myUT portal account. They are very important to understand how courses transfer from other universities such as College Credit Plus; it also reflects AP (Advanced Placement) credit.
  • ​How often should I get a degree audit report? In order to track progress toward degree completion, students should obtain a current degree audit each time they register for classes or make significant changes to their schedules. 
  • Will my transfer credit appear on my Degree Audit Report? Yes, it should reflect the courses that you have taken at a different school
  • What if my Degree Audit Report (DAR) appears to be incorrect? Students who notice a possible error on the DAR should report the problem to Darlene Stevens as soon as possible.​​

I’m not doing well in class. what should I do now? ​​

Don't wait - we're here to help you!

Contact your advisor Darlene Stevens

Talk to your instructor

Seek assistance--go to your professor's​ office hours, contact the Learning Enhancement Center (LEC) in Carlson Library for free tutoring and coaching, meet with your Teaching Assistant (TA).

Weigh your options--is it too late to drop the class?  Withdraw?  What are the consequences of doing so?

Are you going to ALL classes, taking notes, reading all assignments, asking questions, studying 2 hours outside of class for every 1 hour of class time​​​? Try to form a study group with fellow classmates to review material and challenge each other.

Registration Information

Register for Classes Using Banner Self-Service (

What is the process for pursuing a grade recalculation (deletion)?

  • Fill out the form electronically; you will need the section number of the class you took both times. This is located on your schedule not on your academic transcript
  • Once it is filled out, email the professor you took the course from originally, after they sign it; please send the form to
    Darlene or  call 419.530.8078
  • It will then be forwarded to the undergraduate studies office after verifying the information & keep a copy for your file
  • It could take up to a week or two for the form to be processed.
  • To see if it has been processed; there will be an E (excluded) on the right-hand side of your transcript next to the class you took; you will also notice that your GPA would be higher. It is also listed on your degree audit

Registrar Forms:

Where do I find forms such as the add/drop form or a grade recalculation (deletion)?
Add/Drop Form / Grade Deletion



How do I set up my email on my smart phone?

I am having issues with Blackboard, who do I contact?

As a student, do I have access to Microsoft Office 365?

What kind of computer should I buy?

Where do I find out more about the software in the engineering student labs?



How do I find more information about the bus system?

Why is it important to sign up for the UT Alert?

How do I get a parking permit?


Health, Wellness & Support

Where can I find a list of student organizations?

How can I use the student recreation center?

I am not feeling well, is there a place on main campus that I can see a doctor?

I saw a charge for health insurance on my bill, how do I take it off my bill?

Do we have intramural sports here?



How do I file my FAFSA?

How do I apply for new scholarships?

I want to look for a job on campus, where do I start?

What requirements do I need to fulfill to keep my scholarship?

How do I defer my scholarship while on Co-op?



Co-op Experience

Who do I contact with co-op questions and concerns?

When is the Career Expo?

How do I defer my scholarship while on Co-op?

How can I find answers to common questions regarding co-ops?



Where can I learn more about student organizations specifically to the college?

What is BMES?  

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