Engineering Technology

Overview of Undergraduate Programs

The Engineering Technology Department offers programs of study in four engineering technology disciplines. The fifth program of study in the emerging discipline of information technology is also offered. A brief description of each of these programs is provided below. Additional, more detailed, information about these programs can be found by following the program links at the right.

Computer Science & Engineering Technology

The Computer Science and Engineering Technology program is hands-on education leading to careers in the planning, construction, troubleshooting, and management of both the hardware and software elements of sophisticated data networks. csetStudents also are prepared for careers in website design and development. Computer Science and Engineering Technology graduates are valuable additions to high-tech corporations that are developing, maintaining, or marketing computer systems.

Additional information about the Computer Science and Engineering Technology program can be found here.

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Construction Engineering Technology

cet bridge testConstruction Engineering Technology offers students a dual foundation in engineering and management, which is needed to ensure quality work in all phases of projects in construction, transportation, and infrastructure. Graduates who work on the construction site are responsible for ensuring the quality of work, keeping projects on time, and keeping projects within cost. Others work in the office or laboratory, as project managers, estimators, designers, inspectors, and schedulers. Graduates may be contractors or work for all types of contractors, including residential, building, industrial, highway, bridge, mechanical, and electrical.

Additional information about the Construction Engineering Technology program can be found here.


Electrical Engineering Technology

Electrical Engineering Technology combines knowledge of electrical engineering theory with technical skills in the areas of eet lab image
automated manufacturing, industrial controls, test operations, power generation, and distribution, digital communications, and instrumentation.

Additional information about the Electrical Engineering Technology program can be found here.

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Mechanical Engineering Technology

metMechanical Engineering Technology graduates solve design problems and are involved in the design, operation, and testing of mechanical systems. The Mechanical Engineering Technology program provides hands-on education leading to careers in systems design, manufacturing operations, plant operations, testing, quality control, inspection, maintenance, sales, consulting, and customer service. Coursework includes a 50/50 mix of application and theory, with an emphasis on practical, problem-solving applications of science and technology.

Additional information about the Mechanical Engineering Technology program can be found here.

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Information Technology

The College of Engineering and the College of Business Administration have developed a new joint degree program in Information Technology (IT) leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. The Information Technology program prepares students for positions as information technologists providing operational and infrastructure support for computer and information systems in business, manufacturing, and institutional organizations. The IT program provides students with an in-depth understanding of computer itinfrastructure including both hardware and software aspects. It also provides students with a breadth of skills in the core information technologies including programming, computer hardware and networking, databases, human/machine interfaces, and Web technologies. The program accommodates both new direct-from-high-school freshmen and junior-level transfers from the community and technical colleges.

Additional information about the Information Technology program can be found here.

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Last Updated: 6/27/22