Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Student Org Purchasing Card (P-Card)

contact information

For Student Orgs Only.
Dean of Students Accountant, Geni Hofbauer:
Office: Student Union, Room 1532
Phone: 419.530.4471
Student Allocation Committee (funding and budget requests):


There are only 2 p-cards are available for use for over 300 student organizations. Please be mindful of this when requesting it. A p-card can only be used to purchase things unavailable through the University of Toledo (e.g., flyer copies must be made using UT Copy Center). 

Step 1

Do you have UT funding to use? Request through the Student Allocation Committee (SAC) via a Special Funding Request or an Annual Operating Budget. If awarded, SAC will let you know the specific amount and justifications. If you were awarded an annual budget, it is uploaded in the Documents section of your InvoNet page. Click the button below for a description of budget line items:

Student Organization Account Code Descriptions

Step 2

Identify the nature of your p-card request. There are several restrictions listed below of things the p-card cannot be used for and some that require additional documentation:


The p-card cannot be used for:

  • Purchases at Costco or Sam’s Club (They do not accept Master Card, which is the only available p-card brand.)
  • Office Supplies: Place an order directly with Geni Hofbauer instead of using the p-card (see below). 
  • Personal items
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Credit Cards (to be given out as prizes/gift cards)
  • Fuel
  • Copies
Additional Requirements
  • Speakers/performers/entertainers/vendors: Events requiring a contract require the completion of a Contract Request Form 10 weeks prior to the event.
  • Food: Purchasing food for use in an event could require the completion of a Food Waiver and selling food could require the purchase of a Temporary Food License. For more information visit the Food at Events information page.
  • Travel: For travel related purchases the p-card must be reserved 2 weeks before its intended date of use. Student must complete a Travel Request form.
  • Flyers/posters/handbills/printing: For photocopies a ready-to-print PDF copy of your design must be sent to Geni along with your desired amount of copies and paper type. Turnaround typically takes 2 business days.
  • Office supplies: Simply send an exact list of items and quantities to Geni. You can browse the Office Max/Office Depot website, though exact product numbers will differ.
  • Amazon purchases: UT has business account with Amazon. Send exact links to Geni and she will place the order.

Step 3

Reserve the p-card a minimum of 1 week before you intend to make a purchase. To do this, contact Geni Hofbauer in the Office of the Dean of Students, Student Union, Room 2525. Provide a list of several dates and time options. The p-card can be reserved for periods of two hours between 9:00am-4:00pm (the card must be returned by 5pm).

Step 4

Prepare a list of the purchase purpose, where/when the event is (if applicable), where you will be shopping, what you will be purchasing, and how much those items cost prior to your p-card reservation time.

Step 5

Meet with Geni to retrieve the p-card. During this meeting, you will complete a Purchasing Card Request document with the information gathered in Step 4. Geni will also explain proper procedures to use the p-card at various vendors. You must purchase exactly what is written in your request document.

Step 6

Complete your purchase and return the p-card to Geni. Make sure to keep all receipts from your purchases! All original, itemized receipts from your purchases must be returned to Geni.

UT is a state institution with tax exemption status, we do not pay sales tax. Therefore, when using the p-card, it qualifies as a tax-exempt purchase. It is your responsibility to let the vendor know that this is a tax-exempt purchase PRIOR to them ringing up any transactions/purchases and to ensure no sales tax is charged to your purchases. Always check your receipts before leaving the store.

Last Updated: 6/27/22