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Neurology Clinical and Academic Programs - Headache Treatment & Research

Gretchen E. Tietjen, MD, Director
Christine Utley, DNP, MSN, RN, FNP-C; Headache Nurse Coordinator
Academic office: 419-291-0396 
Clinic appointments:419-291-3900 

Prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research of headaches

The faculty of The Headache Treatment and Research Program at the University of Toledo are internationally recognized for their expertise in headache management. Dr. Tietjen, Program Director, is on the executive board of the American Headache Society and is a reviewer for the journals, Headache, and Cephalagia. The Center offers the opportunity for persons to participate in research protocols regarding the causes and consequences of headache, and studies for more effective therapies.

The faculty and staff believe that with an understanding of the causes and treatments of headache, patients are able to partner with their doctor and better manage this often debilitating condition. Patients are also given the opportunity to participate in monthly relaxation classes and a headache support group. The faculty also teach courses on various aspects of headache at regional and nationally sponsored symposia, and instruct residents and medical students on the Health Science campus.

Treatment Advances:
The Neurologists are fellowship-trained and have expertise in the latest advances in headache treatment. The initial visit is used to take a careful history and perform a detailed neurological examination. Health issues, such as depression and anxiety, which impact on headache are also discussed. Together, the patient and physician devise an individualized plan-of-care for headache prevention and acute treatment, which may involve medication, dietary management, and complementary therapies, such as biofeedback. The Program also offers Botox therapy for migraine, and referral to neurosurgeons with expertise in the surgical treatment of refractory cluster headache.

In addition to research for better therapies, there are a large number of original projects, which have advanced the knowledge of headache. Members of the Headache Program have published their findings in both national and international journals on such topics as the relationship of stroke and migraine, cerebral blood flow in migraine, and menstrual irregularities in headache. The faculty just completed a five-year research project on inflammatory cytokines in migraine in collaboration with Henry Ford Hospital, which was sponsored by the National Institute of Health.

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Last Updated: 11/14/19