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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for admissions?

Applicants to UT are required to submit the ACMAS application. You can fill out your application at

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Do you accept non-Ohio residents?

Yes! For more information, click on Medical School Class Profile.

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Do you accept international students?

Applicants applying through any College of Medicine admissions pathway programs, must be citizens of the United States or have permanent resident status (permanent residency "green" card).   If applying as a permanent resident, an applicant must be a permanent resident at the time of application and will be required to submit a photocopy of the front and back of their permanent resident card.

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What are competitive MCAT scores and GPA?

For that information and more, click on Medical School Class Profile.

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Can I schedule a tour of the campus?

Yes! To schedule a tour of the Health Science Campus, click on Visit MD Admissions.

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What are the minimum course requirements?

The minimum pre-medical course requirements are: one year of Biological sciences, one year of general Chemistry with labs, one year of Organic Chemistry with labs, Biochemistry, one year of Physics, one year of Mathematics and one year of college English. Applicants are encouraged to acquire a broad undergraduate education including coursework in the arts and humanities, and in the behavioral and social sciences. Highly recommend courses: Genetics, Biostatistics, and higher-level science courses. *Note: AP credit coursework is accepted, as long as it is reported on official college/university transcripts.*Important: The University of Toledo Medical School Admissions Office does not accept virtual/online lab courses.

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What are the other requirements for admissions?

All matriculants to the M.D. program must have obtained at least a baccalaureate level degree.  The MCAT (within the last 3 years) is also required, unless, you entered via the MD Pathway Programs.  Additional pre-matriculation requirements include submission of final official transcripts from all undergraduate, graduate and professional schools you have attended with degrees posted (if applicable).  Successful completion and review of a criminal records check is also required.  Furthermore, students must meet the Minimal Technical Standards for admissions.  You will also be required to submit the Pre-Matriculation Health Requirement Form, and if claiming Ohio residency, the Residency Status for Subsidy and Tuition Surcharge Form.

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Do I have to major in Pre-Med?

To pursue a career in medical, the undergraduate degree does not have to be in pre-med or biology. However, the prerequisites have to be completed.  We have accepted students with non-science majors such as history, music, law, business and education.

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Is everyone sent a Secondary Application?

No. All applicants go through a preliminary screening based on the strength of their academic record and MCAT score. 

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How do I pay for my medical education?

Student loans are available to assist students in meeting the cost of education. Provided is a brief list of resources, click on the following resources: SALT, AAMC - FIRST, & UT MD Financial Aid.

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When do I receive financial aid information?

Financial aid packets are sent to accepted students in February. If you have been accepted into our medical school after February, you will receive your packet soon after you have been formally admitted into the medical school.

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How do I apply for scholarships?

UT College of Medicine and Life Sciences (COMLS) Scholarships are based upon the criteria established for each scholarship. If you meet the criterion required, you will be automatically considered. Also, it is to your benefit to apply for outside scholarships. For information on outside scholarships, a brief list is provided for you on the UT MD Financial Aid site.

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How do you handle the scores of students taking the MCAT in January?

For individuals who take the MCAT in January, that score will not be reported until a month later. Please be advised that consideration of the score is late in the medical school admissions' cycle.

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Last Updated: 6/27/22