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The following stories highlight amazing work being done by our alumni. Profiles were included in Toledo Law's Alumni eNews. The stories are based on what alumni were doing at the time they were featured and offer a closer look at their personal and professional lives. With close to 8,000 living law alumni, there are many more stories to tell.


Micah Barry

Adversity Fuels Advocacy

Micah Barry '14 was drawn to Toledo Law to focus on disability rights and education. He is an attorney at The Law Office of Micah Barry, a litigation consulting firm where he draws on his expertise in the practice of law, advocating for policy changes and educating college students. Read Micah's Story

Dana Quick

Turning Childhood Fandom Into A Career

Michael Dockins '05 is a partner at a law firm in Toledo. Using his engineering background with a specialty in intellectual property, he has been able to combine a hobby with his career. Earning him the moniker "Gimmick Attorney"®. Read Michael's Story

Kelly Goldstein

former toledo law valedictorian to give commencement address

Kelly Goldstein '07 serves as Bar Counsel for the State Bar of Arizona. She has held numerous positions with the American Bar Association's Section of Litigation, co-chaired the 2019 Arizona State Bar Convention and more. Read Kelly's Story


Dana Quick

Providing Support During Insolvencies

Dana Quick '07 graduated from Toledo Law's evening program and embarked on a judicial clerkship that put her on a path to bankruptcy. She now practices insolvency litigation, with a focus on the investigation and prosecution of director and officer liability claims. Read Dana's Story

Tamera Rocha

Participating in Progress

Tamera N. (Thomas) Rocha'10
joined the Rhode Island Supreme Court in 2016 as a staff attorney in the Supreme Court's Office of General Counsel. Since 2021, she serves as the director of Rhode Island Supreme Court's Access to Justice Office. She oversees the office and its services. Read Tamera's Story

Matt Zito

from the prosecutor's office to the fBI

Matthew Zito '05 is a Supervisory Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He and his team of FBI agents, federally deputized detectives, intelligence analysts and other support staff investigate violent crime, gang and drug trafficking organizations. Read Matt's Story



Victor Aberdeen
Finding Inspiration

Victor Aberdeen '18 is an associate at a Chicago law firm, where he works in civil litigation and insurance defense. Trial practice at Toledo Law helped him think like a trial attorney. Read Victor's Story

Linda Amrou
Shaping Global Dialogue

Linda Amrou '15 is a program officer at Columbia University's Global Centers in New York City, where she designed a first-of-its-kind scholarship program to support displaced students. Read Linda's Story

Ariel Berger
Launching Solo Practice

Ariel Berger '19 started her own solo practice in Michigan one year out of law school. She now has Ohio and Michigan locations that allow her to expand the number of clients and families she can help. Read Ariel's Story

Valerie Fatica
Solving Problems with Sensitivity

Valerie Fatica '08 runs a general solo practice in Toledo and works part-time for Legal Aid. She's passionate about her work in family law and civil rights work for clients with disabilities. Read Valerie's Story

Sheila Nolan Gartland
Optimizing Flexibility

Sheila Nolan Gartland '86 is a partner at a Columbus law firm, where she focuses on finance, real estate, and energy cases. She believes in working hard, staying flexible, and giving back. Read Sheila's Story

Gayle Shor Goldsmith
Dedicating Focus

Gayle Shor Goldsmith '89 is an environment and sustainability consultant. She's combining her passion and experience to make a difference within the field of environmental law. Read Gayle's Story

James Knepp
Seizing Opportunities

The U.S. Senate confirmed James Knepp '92 as U.S. District Judge for the Northern District of Ohio. He finds the most satisfying aspect of his job is helping people solve problems. Read Jim's Story

Sam Marcellino
Helping the Hardworking

Samuel Marcellino '13 takes seriously his role in helping hardworking people who have often fallen on tough times. He focuses a large portion of his practice on workers' compensation litigation. Read Sam's Story

Steven Pacitti
Building Networks in Vegas

Steve Pacitti '86 runs a solo practice in Las Vegas, specializing in negotiating trademark, copyright, and rights of publicity licensing agreements for high-profile clients. Read Steve's Story

Gary Steinbauer
From Specimens to Precedents

Gary Steinbauer '06 is passionate about the environment. He works at Pittsburgh firm, where he provides strategic advice to clients on complex environmental regulatory and compliance issues. Read Gary's Story

Steven Vandercook
Launching Exciting NASA Career

Steven Vandercook '14 works as a contracting officer at NASA's Kennedy Space Center to support the next chapter in human space flight. His J.D./M.B.A. helped him land his dream job. Read Steven's Story

Marissa (Antonio) Wiesen
Seeking Fairness in Outcomes

Marissa (Antonio) Wiesen '14 works as a federal law clerk in Washington state. She enjoys learning different areas of the law, while working closely with judges. Read Marissa's Story



Tunji Abayomi
Sustaining Human Rights

Tunji Abayomi '79 has a private practice in Nigeria, where he serves as a human rights advocate. He's also pro-chancellor and chair of the Governing Council for Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko. Read Tunji's Story

Fahed Al-Sabouni
Advancing Global Justice

Fahed Al-Sabouni '13 lives in The Hague, Netherlands, working with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon as an associate legal officer/associate appeals counsel with the Office of the Prosecutor. Read Fahed's Story

Angelita Blackshear Dalton
Shaping Outcomes

Angelita Blackshear Dalton '97 is a criminal court judge in Tennessee, where she became the first African American woman to serve the Davidson County Criminal Court. Read Angelita's Story

Gayle Girod
Advancing Development

Gayle Girod '94 is the chief innovation counsel for the USAID in D.C. Her work supports international development and humanitarian efforts around the world. Read Gayle's Story

Josh Goldberg
Mapping Journey to U-Haul

Josh Goldberg '14 used his varied degrees in law, business, and economics to chart a career from the family business to U-Haul. He is now U-Haul's assistant general counsel. Read Josh's Story

Mia Gonzalez
Cultivating Success

Mia Gonzalez '12 is a director of business development in Missouri. She's found the perfect career path to apply her business and legal skills to help grow her company's market share and revenue. Read Mia's Story

Scott Hajost
Sparking Global Change

Scott Hajost '80 is an international environment and conservation policy law expert with experience working at the U.S. State Department and Environmental Protection Agency. Read Scott's Story

Janet Hales
Advocating for Equality

Janet Hales '91 is executive director of Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, Inc. — a nonprofit law organization working to change the systemic causes of poverty and inequality. Read Janet's Story

Ashley Myers Jackson
Expanding Legal Access

Ashley Myers Jackson '09 owns a mobile law firm in South Carolina that expands access to clients across the state with a client-centered approach to delivering legal services. Read Ashley's Story

Andrea Kimball
Forging Path in Pro Sports

Andrea Kimball '97 is in-house counsel for Sporting Kansas City, which won the U.S. Open Cup in 2017. It's a sports law dream job she's passionate about as a former college athlete and player. Read Andrea's Story

Doug Leavitt
Harnessing Opportunity

Doug Leavitt '12 merged his solo practice with his current firm to create the Boise, Idaho law firm of Leavitt Ryan PLLC, which concentrates in family law and litigation. Read Doug's Story

Matt Manning
Championing for People

Matt Manning '12 was raised by servant leaders. As an attorney for a Corpus Christi, Texas law firm, he represents the rights of the criminally accused and fights for civil rights. Read Matt's Story

Nyk McKissic
Powering Solutions

Nyk McKissic '17 is a nonprofit organizations associate at Polsinelli, within the firm's Dallas office. He provides strategic counsel to nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. Read Nyk's Story

Anant Tamirisa
Making an Impact in Hollywood

Anant Tamirisa '14 is vice president of business and legal affairs for a Hollywood film and television studio. He enables storytellers to share their visions, but he's also committed to pro bono work. Read Anant's Story


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Last Updated: 8/11/22