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2022-23 Residency Interview Format Statement

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The University of Toledo Emergency Medicine Residency Program will be conducting virtual interviews for all of its applicants including local candidates.  Our program wants to ensure equal access and information to all applicants. Depending on the COVID-19 pandemic precautions that may be in place, we will also plan for in-person visits later in the season. Our program will be participating in the Preference Signaling Pilot Program.

How to apply

Program Highlights

  • Level 1 and Level 2 Trauma Centers, Children's Hospital, and Community Hospital to enhance your clinical training
  • Epic EMR with M-Modal Dictation
  • Full University sponsored research and publication department
  • Cutting Edge Simulation Center
  • Opportunities for teaching UToledo medical students.

We are committed to promoting emergency medicine skills through safety, simulation, and service.


Our resident Dr. Ivan Kaspruk had a Global Health Experience in Poland with Ukrainian Doctors. Watch the video to learn more.

Diversity And Inclusion

The University of Toledo understands the importance of having a diverse student body, faculty, residents and staff and has a number of diversity initiatives to support these efforts. Please find further information about these initiatives on our Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion website.


Your wellness and happiness are our top priority here at UToledo EM as you train to become an excellent emergency medicine physician with us.  We understand and are aware that the emergency medicine specialty has the highest burnout rates among medical specialties, and we address that directly to mitigate it.   We factor in your well-being intrinsically into our residency program through shift scheduling, vacations, retreats, holidays, family planning, and many other personal factors of your life.  We ensure that you have plenty of time to prepare for examinations and provide you with the time you need for personal appointments and needs.  We believe we are on the forefront on this among residency programs. Visit our College of Medicine and Life Sciences Wellness website

Last Updated: 10/11/22