University Policy

Heart Station

3364-106-01 Disaster Procedure Internal/External
3364-106-03 Abnormal Test Results (Critical Results)
3364-106-05 Serious Test Results
3364-106-E01 Resuscitation Policy for Transesophageal (TEE)
3364-106-E02 Echo Technologist On Call
3364-106-E03 STAT Echocardiograms (During HVC hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
3364-106-E04 STAT TEES (not during working HVC hours)
3364-106-E05 Transporting TEE Probe
3364-106-E06 Director of Non Invasive Cardiac Imaging Responsibilities
3364-106-E07 Approval Signature for Echocardiography Policies
3364-106-E08 Agitated Saline Contrast Echo
3364-106-E09 Resert (Revital-Ox) Test
3364-106-E10 Definity (Perflutren Lipid Microsphere) Contrast
3364-106-E11 Echocardiography Lab Quality Assurance/Improvement
3364-106-E12 Limited Echocardiogram
3364-106-E13 Cleaning and Disinfecting of TEE Transducer using Resert (Revital-Ox)
3364-106-E14 Cleaning Ultrasound Machine and Transducers
3364-106-E15 Avoidance of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)
3364-106-E16 Amyl Nitrite (Inhalation)
3364-106-E17 Handling Resert and other Disinfectants
3364-106-E18 Strain Imaging
3364-106-N01 Radioactive Emergencies
3364-106-N02 Administration of Radionuclides
3364-106-N03 Injections and Imaging by Nuclear Medicine Technologists
3364-106-N04 Ordering of Radiopharmaceuticals
3364-106-N05 Transportation of Radiopharmaceuticals
3364-106-N06 Radiopharmaceutical Recordable Event
3364-106-N07 Waste Disposal of Radiopharamaceuticals
3364-106-N08 Radiation Safety Manual
3364-106-N09 Area Radiation Monitoring
3364-106-N10 Nuclear Medicine Procedures on Critical Care Patients
3364-106-N11 Test Ordering and Scheduling
3364-106-N12 Nuclear Diagnostic Instrumentation
3364-106-N13 Receiving Radiopharmaceuticals
3364-106-N14 Nuclear Medicine Procedures on Adult Patients
3364-106-N15 Cleaning and Disinfecting Items From A Patient Care Area - USP 825
3364-106-N16 Nuclear Cardiology Medical Director Responsibilities
3361-106-N17 Acquisition Analysis Transfer Display Guidelines
3364-106-N18 Nuclear Cardiology Protocols
3364-106-N19 Personnel Radiation Monitoring
3364-106-N20 Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
3364-106-N21 Cardiac Nuclear Medicine Emergency Contacts
3364-106-N22 Sealed Sources
3364-106-N23 Loss or Theft of Radiopharmaceuticals
3364-106-N24 Quality Assurance
3364-106-N25 Radiation Safety
3364-106-N26 Verification of Licensure for Nuclear Medicine Technologists
3364-106-N27 Approval Signature for Cardiac Nuclear Medicine and Cardiac Stress Protocols
3364-106-N28 Immediate Use of Radiopharmaceuticals - USP 825
3364-106-R01 STAT Electrocardiogram
3364-106-S01 Supervision of Pediatric Exercise Tests
3364-106-S04 Resuscitation Policy for Exercise-Stress Testing
3364-106-S05 Training of Advanced Practice Nurses Supervising Exercise Lab
3364-106-S06 RN Back Up for Stress Testing
3364-106-S07 Exercise Test - Patient Education (Information Sheet)
3364-106-S08 Contraindications to Stress Testing
3364-106-S09 Termination of Exercise Testing
3364-106-S10 Patient Care Guidelines for the Stress Lab
3364-106-T01 Tilt Table Test - Patient Education (Information Sheet)
3364-106-T02 Contraindications for Head-Upright Tilt Table Testing
3364-106-T03 Head-Upright Tilt Table Testing Indications for Calling MD
PROCEDURE:  Head-Upright Tilt Table Testing
GUIDELINE:  Phone Triage/Chest Pain



Last Updated: 12/19/22