Research and Sponsored Programs

University Research Funding Opportunities

The annual internal grant programs administered by Research and Sponsored Programs support the diverse range of faculty research and scholarship at UT. We hope that full-time, tenured and tenure-track faculty from all disciplines will find a program that could help advance their scholarly efforts. Guidance for these programs and evaluation of proposals is provided by the University Research Council.

One of the five goals identified by UT President, Dr. Sharon Gaber is "to increase externally funded research, research expenditures and embrace the importance of faculty scholarship.”  Consistent with this goal, faculty members are expected to engage in research and scholarship. Although external funds are important and critical to support much of this activity, the University recognizes that this is not always possible. Hence, the University hopes that, by supporting meritorious projects, it will stimulate new research and scholarly endeavors, support new faculty in developing on-going programs of research and scholarship, and help senior faculty move in new directions. These awards also provide support to help faculty gather the preliminary data that will enhance their ability to receive external competitive awards.

Program Details and application materials for the academic year 2018-2019 available on this Website.  Unless otherwise noted, award decisions are made by the University Research Council.

Changes to the URFO Guidelines for AY 2019

  • General Guidelines - Applies to ALL URFO programs
      - Applications and Letters of Intent must be submitted by email to
     - Abstracts and literature references are to be single-spaced. Everything else is to be double-spaced.
  • Research Awards and Fellowships
      - Fellowships should not be budgeted as summer salary but as fellowships (Banner code 61409), using the fringe benefit rate for fellowships (16%) rather than the summer salary rate (31.7%).
  • Visiting Faculty Research
      - Applications now accepted year-round
      - Maximum request increased to $6,000
  • Small Award Program
      - Maximum award is $1,000 per person per academic year
  • Publication Subvention Program
      - Maximum request increased to $1,700. Guidelines clarify that page charges for journal 
        articles are NOT eligible under this program.



FYI: The following UT internal programs are NOT administered by Research and Sponsored Programs:

Last Updated: 1/4/19