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Easy-to-Use Online Services

Go Online!The University of Toledo has automated a number of student services to make it easier for you to get ready for the academic year. Visit the myUT Portal to take care of parking permits, meal plans, Rocket IDs and to pay your bills.

Register your vehicle through the myUT portal with the license plate, make and model of your vehicle. No more hangtags and waiting in line to pick them up. The new parking system will scan license plates and compare them against registered plates for the specific lot.

Pick your favorite photo for your Rocket Card ID, upload it from home and your ID will be ready to pick up within three business days.

And don't forget to sign up for a Meal Plan to eat delicious meals and snacks in between classes. There are eight options to choose from.

The University has made it easier for you to pay your student bills online. Also through the myUT portal, you can choose to pay directly from your bank your account with an eCheck or with an accepted credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express). You can continue to mail payments or deposit them in the drop boxes.

Please check the Important Dates page to locate billing due dates and when late fees will be assessed.  If you are concerned about making the full payment, you may want to consider signing up for the Rocket Payment Plan to spread out the payments over the semester. 

Don’t waste time. Let make it fast and easy to:

Add/drop courses
At, you can add courses to your schedule, as well as remove them electronically.  No need for you or the faculty member to fill out paper forms.  Just login to the myUT portal and click on "Register/Drop/Withdraw Courses" in the “My Registration Steps” section of “My Toolkit.”  

Health insurance and legal fees
At, you can waive your health insurance and student legal fees.  Just login to the myUT portal at and click on "Health Insurance- Enroll, Change or Waive" in the “My Registration Steps” section of “My Toolkit.”  Click on the appropriate academic period waiver link to access the Online Waiver Form. 

Please visit our Student Health Coverage Plan website for detailed information on available plans, enrollment and waiver deadlines. To ensure compliance with the University's insurance requirement, the premium for the health insurance plan will be added to your tuition bill and you will be required to enroll in the University-sponsored plan unless you request to waive the insurance based on proof that you have comparable health insurance coverage through another plan.  Students may request to waive their insurance by submitting a Waiver Form through the University’s myUT portal by the applicable deadline.  The insurance charge will be removed from your bill when you start the Online Waiver process.  If you do not complete the process or if your personal coverage is not considered comparable, the charge will be added back to your account.  You will be notified if this occurs.

To complete the Online Waiver, visit the myUT portal at You must then log into the portal using your University username and password. Once in the portal under the Student tab, you should click on Health Insurance- Enroll, Change or Waive to access the Online Waiver form.        

For questions about your health insurance, you may contact the Student Health Insurance office at 419.530.3474 or email at  

Add a parking permit 

At you can purchase your parking permit per semester. Just login to the myUT portal and click on "Request/Update Parking Permit" under the "My Registration Steps" section of "My Toolkit".

Students with questions about parking permits should call Parking and Transportation Services at 419.530.4100 or email .

Check your grades
At, you can view your most recent grades or review grades from previous semesters.  Just login to the myUT portal and visit the “My Records” section of “My Toolkit.”

Apply for/accept financial aid and sign promissory notes
At, you can accept your financial aid and expedite its allocation. Just login to the myUT portal and visit the “My Financial Aid” section of “My Toolkit.”  There are direct links for applying for, accepting, and determining eligibility for financial aid.

To avoid late fees, don’t delay.

Here are some basic steps to follow when applying for federal aid:

  1. File your FAFSA early.  The FAFSA opens up as early as October 1st for the next academic year.  We recommend that you file your FAFSA by February 1st for maximum aid consideration.
  2. Follow the status of your financial aid award through the myUT portal
  3. Submit any requested additional financial aid documents to the UT Financial Aid Office as quickly as possible – we recommend uploading this information through the "Secure Financial Aid Document Upload" option in the myUT portal under the "My Financial Aid" section in "My Toolkit".  You may also mail this information to following address:  University of Toledo, Office of Financial Aid, 2801 W. Bancroft St., MS 314, Toledo, OH 43606-3390.
  4. Accept Federal Direct Stafford loan awards by logging in to the myUT portal and selecting “Accept Aid” under “My Financial Aid” in “My Toolkit.”
  5. To learn more about applying for financial aid and eligibility, please visit our Office of Student Financial Aid website. 

The University will send important information and updates to your official UT email account:  Please review this account regularly.

All UT new and continuing student  Federal Direct Stafford loan borrowers must accept the dollar amount they need for the year.  To learn more about the Student Loan Process, please visit our Types of Financial Aid webpage.

  • Continuing students - after accepting your loan(s) for the year, the Department of Education verifies your promissory notes.  Once this occurs, your loan will then move to be listed as "estimated aid" on your billing statement.
  • New students - Federal Direct Stafford loan requirements are needed to finalize your loan acceptance. Please review our Loan Checklist on our Office of Student Financial Aid webpage.
    • Complete Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling.  Using your FSA ID, log into to complete.
    • Complete the Stafford Loan Agreement- Master Promissory Note (MPN).  Using your FSA ID, log into to complete.  
  • Federal Parent Plus Loan -  please visit our Types of Financial Aid webpage for more information on the Federal Parent Plus Loan.
    • Choose "Apply for a Parent Plus Loan" under the Parent section on The parent borrower will need to log in using their FSA ID information.
    • Complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for a Parent Plus Loan.  Using the parent borrower's FSA ID, log into to complete.  
  • Federal Graduate Plus Loan - please visit our Types of Financial Aid webpage for more information on the Federal Graduate Plus Loan.
    • Choose "Apply for a Plus Loan for Graduate School" under the In School section on
    • Complete the Plus Master Promissory Note (MPN) for Graduate/Professional Students.  Using your FSA ID, log into to complete.
    • Complete the Entrance Loan Counseling.  Using your FSA ID, log into to complete.
  • Understanding Your Award Notification:  Know your rights and responsibilities for each and every aid program that you have in your package. Review “Understanding Your Award Notification” at our Office of Financial Aid webpage.  This site provides valuable information about accepting, declining, and reducing your awards; budgeting; aid programs; descriptions, and delivery of your aid.

  View/pay your bill 

At, you can view and pay your bill. Just login to the myUT portal at and click on “View/Pay Bill” under “My Accounts” in “My Toolkit.”

Please check the Important Dates page to verify billing due dates and when late fees will be assessed. 

Make deposits to your Rocket Card and check your account balance
At, you can have money deposited to your Rocket Card or check your balances.  Just login to the myUT portal and click on “Check Rocket Card Balances/Make Deposits” under “My Accounts” in “My Toolkit.”

Apply for housing and update meal plans
At, you can arrange for on-campus housing or purchase or change a meal plan.  Just login to the myUT portal and click on “Change or Add Meal Plan” under "My Accounts as well as  click on “University Housing Application” under “My Housing” in “My Toolkit.”

 NOTE: Complete meal plan information also is located at this site including available plans, terms and conditions.  Please remember that all on-campus students are required to have a meal plan as part of their lease with Residence Life, with the exception of students belonging to a fraternity or sorority and those residing in McComas Village.

Questions about meal plans should be addressed to the Meal Plan office in the student union, or by telephone at 419.530.2900 from 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, or via email at


Last Updated: 12/20/23