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How do I get a Transcript?
Information on obtaining a transcript may be found at Transcript.

Just Drop It!
Remember...If you decide not to attend a class you are registered for, you must drop it. This will avoid additional fees or a hold put on future registration. For 100% removal of all fees, the drop must be completed before the deadlineUse Student Self Service in the portal or go to the RSC to drop any classes, but whatever you do....Just drop it! 

Problems logging into myUT portal
To log into the myUT portal, you must use your UTAD account username and password.  If you experience difficulties with your UTAD account press the Need Login Help link on the myUT portal home page.

Where do I send my transcript from another institution if I'm transferring credit to UT into an undergraduate program?
The University of Toledo
Office of Undergraduate Admission
Mail Stop 338
Toledo, Ohio 43606

Visit the Office of Undergraduate Admission web page for more valuable information.

I want a copy of my transcript from the other university I attended that I submitted to UT.  Why can't I have a copy of it? It is my transcript.
By agreement among most universities, documents submitted by or for the student in support of his/her application for admission or transfer credit cannot be returned to the student, nor can it be sent to other institutions.  Our policy is based on the following:

  • The documents are a reflection of a student's record at the other institution at a particular time (like a snap-shot) and, as such, may not be complete. In fact, the record may have been added to or changed by the issuing institution and it may not reflect the student's most current record.

  • Students who have not fulfilled their financial obligations at their prior institution can be refused an official transcript until such obligations are met. As a professional courtesy, the University of Toledo honors the desire of the issuing institution to have official records obtained directly from that institution. The University of Toledo expects other institutions to adhere to the same policy.
Last Updated: 8/2/21