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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a permit required? 

See below

Electives requiring permit 

MEDI704, MEDI705, MEDI707, MEDI709, MEDI713, MEDI714, MEDI715, MEDI716, MEDI723, MEDI734, MEDI735, MEDI736, MEDI738, MEDI739, MEDI743, MEDI744, MEDI746, MEDI750, MEDI751, MEDI760, MEDI762, MEDI763, MEDI764, MEDI765, MEDI766, MEDI769, MEDI771, MEDI772, MEDI775, MEDI777

*See Registration Website for most up-to-date information

Electives not requiring a permit 

MEDI704, MEDI707, MEDI709, MEDI711, MEDI712, MEDI714, MEDI716, MEDI720, MEDI722, MEDI723, MEDI728, MEDI731, MEDI732, MEDI732, MEDI734, MEDI737, MEDI748, MEDI754, MEDI773, MEDI774

*See Registration Website for most up-to-date information

When do I request a permit? 

Once registration opens for the given semester

When will I be notified of the status of my permit request? 

As soon as possible

How is the decision to grant a permit decided? 

  • First come, first served
  • Fourth-year students given preference when course is offered to both M3 & M4 students
  • AHEC weeks needed for graduation.

Who is the Clerkship Coordinator?

Dawn Jagodzinski 




Acting Internship Electives

Last Updated: 2/20/23