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MD/MBA Dual Degree Program

The MD/MBA program provides an opportunity to earn a dual degree through an integrated curriculum. Successful completion of the dual degree leads to the awarding of two degrees. The Doctor of Medicine degree is awarded by the College of Medicine and the MBA degree is awarded by the College of Business and Innovation.

The MD/MBA program is designed to be completed in 5 years of full-time study. It may be possible for students with an academic background in business to complete the dual degree requirements in less time.

A sample MD/MBA timeline is outlined below.

Integrated Curriculum
The College of Business and Innovation will allow up to 3 courses (9 credit hours) of appropriate Medical School coursework to satisfy the MBA elective requirements.

Itis recommended that MD/MBA students take 3 of the 4 Medical School courses listed below to serve as MBA electives. These courses are already part of the 4th year MD curriculum.

FMMD 725 - Healthcare Systems: Issues, Trends, and Perspectives
FMMD 770 - Health Law
MEDI 770 - Health Care Administration: Special Topics
PEDS 723 - Child Health Advocacy

Another option is for MD/MBA students to complete 2 of the 4 Medical School courses listed above, along with 1 elective from the list below. The courses below are semester long courses (subject to availability) and cannot be taken during the time dedicated to Medical School Clinical Clerkships or Medical School Electives. The course would have to be taken during the dedicated year of Business School. This option provides MD/MBA students with an opportunity to fulfill the 4 week basic science elective required for Medical School.

PUBH 604 - Public Health Administration
PUBH 621 - Management of Public Health Agencies
PUBH 622 - Budget and Finance in Public Health
PUBH 635 - Public Health Law
MGMT 6100 - Leading Through Ethical Decision Making
HURM 6700 - Human Resource Management
HURM 6710 - Employment and Labor Law
EFSB 6590 - New Venture Creation

Students should consult with their MD and MBA Academic Advisors to determine the best approach for completing the dual degree based on their academic background and plan of study.

Administrative Arrangements
The College of Medicine and the College of Business and Innovation are both responsible for the administration of the MD/MBA program. The dual degree program will be reviewed by the College of Medicine Executive Curriculum Committee and the College of Business and Innovation Graduate Program Committee on an annual basis.

Students must apply and be admitted to both programs separately. There are separate applications, fees, and deadlines for each program. The MCAT score will be accepted by the College of Business and Innovation in lieu of a GMAT score.

Academic Advising
The College of Medicine and the College of Business and Innovation both provide academic advising to students in the dual degree program. It is recommended that students meet with both Advisors on an annual basis.

Awarding of Degrees
Students enrolled in the dual degree program will not receive the MD or MBA degree until all work required for both degrees has been completed. Credit for courses from the College of Medicine will only be accepted by the College of Business and Innovation if courses are completed successfully. Also, degrees must be awarded within time limits established by the College of Medicine, the College of Business and Innovation, and the College of Graduate Studies.

Last Updated: 6/9/16