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Faculty Research Detail - Ellen Bolman Pullins, Ph.D.

Faculty Detail                      

Name: Ellen Bolman Pullins, Ph.D.
Office: ST 3051
Phone: 419-530-4273

Biographical Sketch 
Ohio State University, Ph.D., Business Administration, 1996
Wright State University, M.B.A., Marketing, 1991
Ohio State University, M.A., Communication, 1986                                                                               Ohio University, B.S.C., Interpersonal Communication, 1985

Dr. Ellen Pullins earned a B.S.C. degree in Interpersonal Communication from Ohio University, a M.A. degree in Communication from Ohio State University, a M.B.A. degree in Marketing from Wright State University, and Ph.D. from Ohio State University. She is currently associate professor of Marketing department at the University of Toledo. She is also Schmidt research professor of sales and sales management. Her research interests include sales management and customer response to personal selling. Her specific interest include motivation, loyalty, and behaviors in the sales context and sales training. She has published in academic and professional journals including Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of SCM: A Global Review of Purchasing and Supply, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Journal of Marketing Research, Psychology and Marketing, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, and Journal of Academy of Marketing Science.

Research Interests

Motivation, loyalty, and behaviors in the sales context and sales training

Current Research in Progress

Under review:

Sylvain Senecal, Richard E. Buehrer and Ellen Bolman Pullins,  “The extent of technology usage and salespeople: An exploratory investigation,” Submitted to the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, April 2005.

• Working paper:

Ellen Bolman Pullins, Michelle Roehm (2003), "Valuing the Salesperson: Salesperson Equity and Purchasing Agent Loyalty," Institute for the Study of Business Markets, Penn State.

Ellen Bolman Pullins, Michelle Roehm, David Marion, & Harper Roehm, “Understanding the Salesperson-Customer Relationships: Salesperson Equity and Purchasing Agent Loyalty Behaviors,” In final draft form, will be submitted to Journal of Marketing by January 2005.

 In Progress:

Ellen Pullins & Michelle Roehm, “Valuing the consequences of Salesperson Equity and Resultant Buyer Loyalty” (Data collectied).

Ellen Bolman Pullins and Richard E. Buehrer, "Exploring Creativity In the Sales Position," (Data analysis of qualitative Interview data complete.

Mike Williams, Susan Mantel & Ellen Pullins, Salesperson Competency Validation, (partial data collection).

Ellen Pullins & Susan Mantel, Changing Inappropriate Advertisements: Increasing Customer Brand Recall & Recognition (partial data collected).

Ellen Pullins & David Reid, "Sales Critical Incidents In Success or Failure," (data collection complete).

Selected Publications

Senecal, Sylvain, Richard E. Buehrer, and Ellen Bolman Pullins, (2005), “Sales Force Technology Usage — Reasons, Barriers, and Support:  An Exploratory Investigation,” Industrial Marketing Management, 34, 389-398.

Pullins, Ellen Bolman, David A. Reid and Richard E. Plank, (2004), “Gender Issues in Buyer-Seller Relationships: Does Gender Matter in Purchasing?,” Journal of Supply Chain Management: A Global Review of Purchasing and Supply, 40 (3).

David A. Reid, Ellen Bolman Pullins, Richard E. Plank and Richard E. Buehrer, (2004) “Measuring buyers’ perceptions of conflict in business-to-business sales interactions,” Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 19 (4), 236-249.

McBane, Donald A., Ellen Bolman Pullins, & David A. Reid (2003), “SalesLitDB: A classification system and index of personal selling and sales management articles” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 23 (2), 113-121.

Ellen Bolman Pullins and Leslie Fine (2002), “How the performance of mentoring activities impacts the mentor's job outcomes” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, XXII (4), 245-257.

Mantel, Susan Powell, Ellen Bolman Pullins, David A. Reid, and Richard Buehrer (2002), “A Realistic Sales Experience:  Providing Feedback by Integrating Buying, Selling, and Managing Experiences,” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, XXII (1), 33-40.

Reid, David, Ellen Bolman Pullins and Richard Plank (2002), "The Impact of Purchase Situation on the Sales Communication-Outcome Relationship In Business Markets," Industrial Marketing Management, 31, 205-213.

Roehm, Michelle, Ellen Bolman Pullins, and Harper A. Roehm, Jr. (2002), “Cultivating Brand Loyalty for Consumer Packaged Products,” Journal of Marketing Research, XXXIX (May), 202-213.



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