President's Commission on Student Centeredness

About the Commision

Charge to the group:

Todevelop an innovative, aggressive plan to change the culture at the New University of Toledo to be one focused on student centeredness. The plan will focus on three fundamental areas of the University (academic affairs, student affairs and business processes) and will collect input from major stakeholder groups.

The plan will reflect an institutional focus that is narrow and deep.  The plan will adopt student centeredness policies and procedures, build a student centered workforce, and be aligned with the mission and vision statements of the institution.

The plan will include these components:

  • Continue to implement the current student centeredness plan. 
  • Integrate the efforts of Student Issues Resource Group to address student issues and streamline policies and procedures. 
  • Develop an aggressive campaign that informs all UT faculty, staff, students, and alumni as well as the community and campus visitors about student centeredness. 

Using language that is clear and easily understood by all members of the University community and the public, the plan will include a limited number of specific goals, specific strategies for achieving each of the goals, and a concrete implementation plan that identifies specific steps to take and those responsible for each step.


Martin Abraham, Dean, Graduate College
Tom Amstutz, Head Football Coach
Susan Andrews, Student Ombudsperson
Sharon Barnes, Faculty Member, University College
Susan Batten, Faculty Member, College of Nursing
Bernie Bopp, Faculty Member, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
Carol Bresnahan, Vice Provost
Melissa Crabtree, Project Manager, EIT
Della Croci, Director, Student Life
Sheila Doles, Graduate Student
Robyn Gandy, Director, Academic Enrichment Center
Ignacio Garnica, International Student Association
Terribeth Gordon-Moore, Faculty Member, College of Business
Kim Hall-Sprague, Bursar
Marcia King-Blandford, Faculty Member, Carlson Library
Jim Kleshinski, Associate Dean, Admissions
Lisa Kovach, Faculty Member, College of Education
Eric Lambert, Chair, Department of Criminal Justice
Simas Laniauskas, Health Science Campus Student Government President
Dennis Lettman, Associate Dean, University College
Matt Lockwood, Communications
Lisa Marsalek, Director, Residence Life
Jim Norman, Manager of Orientation
Sue Ott Rowlands, Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Kaye Patten, Vice President of Student Life
Mary Powers, Faculty Member, College of Pharmacy
Brian Randolph, Associate Dean, College of Engineering
Jennifer Rockwood, FYE Director
Connie Schall, Faculty Member, College of Engineering
Tom Short, Assistant Registrar
Alice Skeens, Faculty Member
Amy Steves, Student Government President
Jerome Sullivan, Dean, College of Health Science and Human Service
Thomas Switzer, Dean, Judith Herb College of Education
James Tierney, Faculty Member, College of Law
William Weber, Faculty Member, College of Education

Ex-officio Members
Michele Martinez, Doctoral Intern
Penny Poplin Gosetti, Executive Assistant to the President

Nominate a Peer

  • The President's Commission on Student Centeredness is now recognizing University employees who go above and beyond the call of duty to help students and ensure their success.
  • The contest winner will receive a $75 gift certificate to the UT Bookstore, a $25 gift certificate to Starbuck's and a specially designed pin.
  • They also will be eligible to win $1,500 as the student-centered employee of the year.
  • Nomination Form
Last Updated: 1/26/16