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On-line Billing Program

Click here for a tutorial on Rocket Wireless account management

Click here for a tutorial on using the Payment Tool

Each month you will receive an email notice from Rocket Wireless announcing that your monthly bill is available for viewing. You will log into and enter your user id and password.

Have you forgotten your user name and/or password? Please send email to

The billing system will show you the following tabs: 

    •  Overview
    •  Current Status
    •  Statements
    •  Account History
    •  Email/Password

Each of the tabs will show you specific information regarding your account and lines of service. Each of the tabs has a help menu if needed. 

  • Overview - Your current account balance and payments for our Alumni/Retiree customers. In the future, payments for our student and employee customers will be shown. 
  • Current Status - Your current plan and all optional features including the monthly charges. 
  • Statements - One statement showing all of your lines of service. You may also view and print your monthly statements plus see monthly messages regarding when payments are due or other important information. 
  • Account History - Displays a running history of your summarized monthly bill for all lines of service on your account. 
  • Email/Password 
  • Shows your User Defined ID, you need this to log on to (you may not edit this field) 
  • Shows the name of the account owner (you may not edit this field) Shows the internal billing code used for your plan (you may not edit this field)
  • Shows your email address (you may not edit this field). All changes to your email address should be sent via email to and for security purposes we will call you on your primary line to confirm the requested change. 
  • Shows a check box to request paper bills (you may not edit this field). All requests for paper bills must be sent to our email because paper billing will carry a monthly charge of $4.99 per month.

We hope that these enhancements improve your overall experience with Rocket Wireless. We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to serving you now and into the future.

Last Updated: 6/9/16