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Blackboard 9.1 Online Guide: Using self and peer assessment tools.
Online Learning Modules


Objectives - What you will learn over the next 90 minutes.

  • The trainee will:
    • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of peer assessment.
    • Learn how to create a peer assessment.
    • Acquire knowledge to view evaluations and results.
    • Comprehend how to download submissions.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the self and peer assignment tools by adding them to their own course directly after this training session.
Learning Activities

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  • Your instruction goes here
  • Link to video tutorial
    • Use Captivate 4
    • Produce on PC format
    • Save as MP4, output as SWF
  • PDF quick reference page(s)
It's Your Turn!

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  • Direction to complete the activities
Best Practices in Higher Education

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