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Blackboard 9.1 Known Issues





Content transferred from a previous WebCT or Blackboard course appears for instructors but not students and students get messages like “File Not Found” or “You Do Not Have Permission To Access This File” etc.

Apply “Read” permission to all course users. Check out this entry on LV Blog.


Students are kicked out when taking a test.

Do not use “force completion” and present questions all at once”. Do not click “back” button on the browser menu bar. Do not double click the “save” button when saving an answer. Check out this entry on LV Blog.

Course Content

Broken links to Tools area if they were created in a course content.

Do not use "Tools Area" option under Build Content to create a shortcut. Check out this blog entry on LV Blog.

Mac users unable to open embedded PDF files in Blackboard

8-22-11: Over the last week, LV support has encountered issues from students and faculty who have been using Mac computers that have reported not being able to open PDF files that are embedded in Websites. This problem appears to be a problem between Apple and Adobe software, and is not limited to just Blackboard.

Please review


Last Updated: 6/26/15