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Lecture Capture (Echo 360)

Echo360-enabled classrooms can automatically record lectures and make them available for viewing at any time. The system synchronizes video and audio of the instructor with any content that can be displayed from the computer. The software can also be used from any campus or personal computer to record learning modules, screencasts, or tutorials. Echo360 is useful for student review, distance learning courses, web based tutorials, and much more.  

For more information about Echo360, please visit our Help Page.

Lecture Capture Best Practices

Personal Capture Best Practices

 Click the link below to follow written instructions.

Complete Echo360 Instructions (pdf)

Rooms Equipped for Lecture Capture

BO 1099

CL 0500C

COB 1200

COB 1210

COB 1220

COB 1230

Doermann Theatre

FH 2100

GH 3050

GH 4700

GH 5200

HEB 0100 and HEB 0110

HH 2303

HH 2301

MH 1005

RH 1554

RH 1558

WO 1201


Who Owns the Content

Please remember that instructors own their Echo360 captures and are held responsible for the content they create and use. You can access your content by logging into https://electure.utoledo.edu:8443.


Statements About Media Use

Faculty are encouraged to include statements about  media use in their course syllabi. Suggested language can be found at http://www.utoledo.edu/dl/faculty/media_statement_syllabus.html.


Accessibility Requirements

Please remember if you are posting lectures in a course in which a deaf/hard-of-hearing student is enrolled, the lecture must be captioned prior to being posted. In order to ensure materials are captioned in a timely manner, it is suggested that departments utilize Echo 360's partner Automatic Sync system.


Read More About Echo360

To read more about Echo360, visit the official Echo360 user guide.


More Information

For more information, contact Learning Ventures at utlv@utoledo.edu.


Last Updated: 3/23/15