Office of Financial Aid

Submitting the Paper FAFSA/Renewal Application

UT Health Science Campus recommends students file an electronic FAFSA, but if this is not practical, a student may file a paper FAFSA.

Paper FAFSAs are available at the Student Financial Aid Office and at most high-schools, colleges and universities.  If you filed a paper FAFSA as an undergraduate in the previous year, a paper Renewal FAFSA will be sent to you.  Paper Renewal FAFSAs are not mailed to Graduate/Professional students. 

1. Must be submitted to the appropriate processing agency. A return envelope is enclosed with the FAFSA and Renewal Application. You may also complete FAFSA on the web or the Renewal FAFSA on the web if you have your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

2. Allow 4 weeks for processing the paper FAFSA/Renewal application and its receipt by UT Health Science Campus.

3. Include parent information (with at least one parent's signature) on the FAFSA/Renewal
Application if you wish to be considered for UT Health Science Campus-administered funds and funds from the
Department of Health and Human Services (medical students only).

4. Once your FAFSA/Renewal Application is processed you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) from the Central Processor.   If you wish to make changes to your application information, you should send your SAR (with the corrections written in the appropriate section and all necessary signatures) to the Student Financial Aid Office where the corrections can be sent electronically.
Last Updated: 4/15/15