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Graduate Student Orientation - Main Campus Program August 2010

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Session Information & Important Resources

  • Building a Productive Relationship with your Advisor

    Dr. Karen Bjorkman, Distinguished University Professor and Chair, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy


    Your relationship with your advisor and other faculty in your department play a key role in your academic success. This session examines  factors that contribute to a positive working relationship between graduate students and faculty.  It will explore some of the problems that occur in menntoring relationships and what graduate students can do to help resolve them
  • College of Graduate Studies Overview & Academic Integrity

    Dr. Patricia Komuniecki, Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs and Dean, College of Graduate Studies

  • Student Panel:  How to Find Balance, Meaning and Enjoyment in Graduate School

    Web-site (Graduate Student Association)

    This session will help participants explore what being a graduate student means to them.  Topics discussed will include perfectionism, balancing academic responsibilities with personal responsibilities, reducing stress and increasing wellness.
  • Research Ethics and Compliance

    Dr. Jeff Busch, Coordinator, Research Compliance


    Your graduate education is much more than the acquisition of knowledge and technical skills. Aspiring researchers must understand that their  profession is governed by many levels of governmental regulations and codes of ethics and conduct. This lecture is designed to introduce you to many ethical and compliance issues that you need to be aware of as an academic researcher.
  • Essential Resources for Success: The Graduate College & Rocket Solution Central

    Lisa Hasselschwert, Director, Rocket Solution Central
    Karen Mockenstrum, Records Management Officer, College of Graduate Studies


    The College of Graduate Studies is here to assist you throughout the stages of your academic journey.  A review of web resources, administrative   requirements, and  professional development opportunities will help you successfully navigate each stage of your graduate career.  This session is also an opportunity to learn about Rocket Solution Central (RSC), an integrated student service center that can assist you with questions regarding Financial Aid, Registration, Student Accounts and Student Records.  If you need to work on course add/drops, billing, financial aid, waiving fees, transcripts or your student account, the MyUT portal is where you can take care of these things with a few mouse clicks.  However, if you need assistance with any of these things, Rocket Solution Central is here to help.  
  • Campus Services Overview

    John Cavins, Director of Academic Computing

    Carolyn Leonard, Main Campus Student Health Services
    Joy Gramling, Director, Auxiliary Services

    Academic  Computing , Student Health Services, Rocket Card, and Parking Services

    This session will provide an overview of important services available to graduate students-- Information Technology, Campus Community Support Services, and Student Health Services.  Campus Community Support Services -  parking, ID, dining services, bookstore, and other services.  Information Technology - IT will provide a brief overview of the new website, focusing on essentials like, "How to activate your account?", "How to access your email?", "How to access your files remotely?", and "How to request help from IT?". There will also be a short presentation on "What's coming in the future?"  Student Health Services – at Main Campus Medical Center.  The medical staff provides quality health care that is convenient and affordable to meet your medical, psychological, and health educational needs. The highly trained and experienced staff offers students a variety of services at UT.  These services included acute care, mental health care, well care and education, immunizations, allergy injections, and ancillary services of lab and x-ray.  There is also a pharmacy that provides prescriptive and over-the-counter medications.
  • Connecting Students to UT:  The Division of Student Affairs

    Michele Martinez, Interim Dean of Students


    The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to enhance the student experience by addressing the varied and evolving needs of students  and by   serving as the hub for student-centered collaborations, programs, and services.  Come learn more about the many programs, services and activities that are available to UT students.
  • Financial Aid and Funding Resources for Graduate Students

    Sherri Jiannuzzi, Assistant Director, Financial Aid


    Your investment in and your commitment to your graduate education do not have to overwhelm you with a large financial burden. Assistance for  your educational costs is available from many different sources.
  • Graduate Writing Skills

    Teri Green, Graduate Assistant, College of Graduate Studies


    This session will discuss how to approach the demands of academic and professional writing including strategies for success in graduate school and beyond.
  • Making the Most of University Libraries' Resources and Services

    Brian Hickam, Assistant Professor, University Libraries


    Many professors will ask students to use “scholarly” sources, such as journal articles, books, case studies, reliable statistics, etc.  Often, these sources are relatively easy to locate.  Other times, depending on the topic, it can be a bit more complex.  Librarians are professors with subject specialties (e.g. criminal justice or engineering) who can save you time or frustration with getting everything you’ll need to complete an assignment, thesis, or dissertation.  Call, email, text or stop by any time!
  • Thinking Ahead: Career Planning & Services for Graduate Students

    Beth Nicholson, Director of Career Services, UT Learning Collaborative


    Career Services offers graduate students advice on how to best prepare themselves for the work world…whether in higher education or the business world.  When “thinking ahead”, consider your options, challenges, and opportunities.
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