Medical Center

Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Question:  How do I know that I'm eligible to use services at the Main Campus Medical Center (MCMC)?

Answer:  Students registered for one or more credit hours are eligible to utilize services.  If you are not currently registered, please call the MCMC at (419) 530-3451 for information about non-registered students. 

Acute care services are available to faculty/staff.

2.  Question:  How do I obtain services?

Answer:  We encourage you to schedule an appointment in advance.  We will then be able to work with your schedule as well as the provider's schedule for the most effective appointment time.  If you are unable to keep your appointment, it is important to call at least two hours prior to the appointment time for a medical appointment and 24 hours prior to a psychiatry appointment.  This courtesy will allow other students the opportunity to use your appointment time.

3.  Question:  What do I bring to my appointment?

Answer:  (1) Valid UT ID or other official picture ID.  (2)  Information concerning all medication you currently take and any other pertinent health care information we should know about you.  (3)  A copy of your health insurance card and your prescription drug card.  (4)  A method of payment for any possible charges up front.  The MCMC accepts cash, checks, MasterCard , VISA, or Discover.

4.  Question:  What about health insurance?

Answer:  UT has a mandatory health insurance policy.  To learn more about mandatory health insurance, please click on "Health Insurance."   The MCMC provides third party billing and is a provider for many health insurance companies.  You are responsible for contacting your health insurance company to verify benefits and coverage.

Employees:  There is no office visit fee at the MCMC for your acute medical care.  We will bill your insurance for laboratory testing or injections/immunizations not related to work.


1.  Question:  Will anyone know why I came to use the MCMC?

Answer:  No.  Once you reach the age of 18, we have a legal and ethical right to protect your privacy.  Therefore, we are unable to release any information pertaining to your visit without your written consent, unless it is a public health issue or a matter of law.

2.  Question:  What happens if I'm 17 and come to use your service?

Answer:  We will need written permission from a parent or guardian before we can provide you with medical care.  Exceptions to that rule are for sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, pregnancy determination/counseling. If you will be 17 years old when you enter UT, please contact the MCMC front desk at (419) 530-3451 and they will be able to send you a Consent to Treat form.  Having this form on file in advance will decrease your wait time to be treated.


Last Updated: 9/6/18