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Joseph Guillaume Devacht Papers 1817-1832


Size: 1 linear foot

Provenance: received from Mrs. Charles H. Bowers, of Toledo, a descendant of Joseph G. Devacht, donated this collection to the University of Toledo Libraries in 1955.

Access: open

Collection Summary: Collection consists of a ledger and a daybook kept between 1817 and 1832.

Subjects: Business and Commerce

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Completed by: Paul Gifford, February 1986, last updated: April 2014.

Biographical Sketch


Born in Flanders, Holland.


Came to America on the ship La Patrie joined the French colony


At Gallipolis; a silversmith and general merchant there.



Married Madame Parma tier



Died in Gallipolis


Scope and Content Note

The two bound volumes that form this collection consist of a ledger, 1817-32, and a daybook, 1824-30. In the ledger, Devacht recorded his accounts with individuals. Each account contains debit and credit entries. The debit entries contain little more than the amounts the individual owed at different times to Devacht, due to purchase. The researcher can find out what the individual purchased, if the date of the particular transaction falls into the time range covered by the daybook, by referring to the transaction in the daybook by date. The credit entries, on the other hand, generally describe how the debtor settled his debts: with cash, through labor, rent, or bill of account  
The daybook, although covering a shorter period of time, probably contains information more useful to the researcher. A larger number of individuals are mentioned, and purchases are described. A typical page, for example, shows that during one week in 1827 Devacht sold whiskey, coffee, nails, sugar, gun powder, tobacco, corn meal, and more whiskey.

Devacht’s handwriting is neat and the condition of the paper and binding is relatively good.

Box-Folder Inventory



Folder Title



Ledger, 1818-1834



Daybook, 1826-1830


(The above Items are located on Range 4)

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