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Placing items on reserve

  1. Fill out the reserve request form. Links to the form are available electronically (Carlson Library) or (Mulford Library) or pick up a copy at the Carlson Circulation Desk. 
  2. List all of the items that you want to put on reserve, including both printed and electronic reserves. For electronic material on the list, please write the same title that you will be using to describe the material on your syllabus.
  3. Choose a loan period (for print items only). Loan periods available are:
    at Carlson Library      at Mulford Library
    1 hour 2 hour
    2 hour 2 day
    3 hour 3 day
    3 day 3 week 
    7 day  

    All reserve materials may be checked out for an additional loan period if there have been no other requests for them.

  4. Materials such as book chapters, articles, and practice exams will be scanned and will be available through our website. Due to copyright restrictions, no more than 20% of a book may be scanned for electronic reserve, but the library is happy to put the book itself on reserve for checkout at the circulation desk.
  5. You may bring your reserve materials to the circulation desk, or send them via e-mail to Jennifer Babcock (Carlson) or Brenda Zwayer (Mulford). Please attach a copy of the completed reserve form. 
  6. If you wish to place an article on reserve from an OhioLINK resource, such as the Electronic Journal Center or full text from an OhioLINK Research Database, you can e-mail the proper URL to the appropriate staff person above. For more information on locating proper (permanent) URLs, please see this LibGuide

Policies & Processing

Reserve lists should be submitted at least 7 days before the class is told that your materials are on reserve. Lists must be submitted with the requested books, photocopies, or accompanying e-mail of electronic items. All reserve lists are processed in order of receipt. Please submit your list as early as possible to provide these materials to your students. 

Reserve materials will be removed from Reserve at the end of each semester unless a different date is indicated. Personal copies of books or media will be returned to your office by campus mail unless you pick them up in person. Photocopies will not be returned except by request.

The Library cannot be responsible for replacing lost personal copies of books or articles, although every effort will be made to see that this does not occur.

LaValley Law Library

For course reserves at LaValley Law Library, please email Tania Park-Thomas or call 419-530-2854.

McMaster Engineering Library

For course reserves at McMaster Engineering Library, please email John Napp or call 419-530-3948.

Last Updated: 3/31/17