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The Interdisciplinary Minor in Disability Studies

Disability Studies Program
Interdisciplinary Minor

James Ferris, Ability Center of Greater Toledo Endowed Chair and Adviser
Kim E. Nielsen, Professor of Disability Studies

Requirements for the Undergraduate Minor

The minor in the Program of Disability Studies consists of a minimum of 12 hours of required courses and at least 9 hours of upper-division electives (3000 level or above) chosen in consultation with the Disability Studies Program adviser. A list of potential electives is below.

Disability Studies Minor

Suggested Introductory Course for Disability Studies 

DST 2020* Disability Studies in the U.S. *Does not count toward minor, but can be used to count as a U.S. diversity course

Required Disability Studies Courses 
DST 3020 Definitions of Disability
DST 3030 Issues in Disability Studies
DST 4890 Disability Studies Research and Methodologies
DST 4940 Internship

Suggested Electives

DST 3980 and 4980 Special Topics in Disability Studies


COMM 3820 Persuasion Theory
COMM 4820 Family Communication
COMM 4830 Gender, Culture & Communication
ENGL 3050 Persuasive Writing
ENGL 3730 Folklore
HIST 4830 Theory of Public History
PHIL 3310 Science and Society
PHIL 3370 Medical Ethics
WGST 3010 Issues In Women's Studies
WGST 4170 Mental Health and Gender
WGST 4880 Queer Theory
WGST 4980  Feminism and Disability

Social Sciences

ANTH 4760 Medical Anthropology
ECON 4750 Health Economics
GEPL 3750 Transportation Geography
GEPL 3810 Political Geography
GEPL 4530 Principles of Urban Planning
GEPL 4550 Community Economic Planning
GEPL 4600 Urban Design
PSC 3520 Constitutional Law and Politics II
PSC 3800 Sexual Politics
PSC 4220 Interest Groups In American Politics
PSC 4330 Health Care Policy
PSC 4350 Health Care Delivery Systems
PSC 4410 Management of Non-Profit Organizations
PSC 4530 Civil Rights
PSC 4860 Feminist Political Theory
PSC 4590 Law, Policy, and the Politics of Sexuality
PSY 3200 Personality and Individual Differences
PSY 3210 Clinical Psychology
PSY 3320 Psychopathology of Childhood
SOC 4180 Medical Sociology

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