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Welcome to the Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Toledo. The department offers a quality multi-functional program that supplies service at the general educational and baccalaureate level to the university community, provides quality undergraduate and graduate programs, fosters theoretical and applied research in geography and planning, promotes multicultural understanding, complements interdisciplinary work, and engages in community outreach. The department attracts students from a variety of backgrounds with diverse career goals. It welcomes and encourages this diversity as an enriching factor in the lives of both students and faculty.

Master StudentsWe have developed an undergraduate and graduate curriculum that reflects balance in the theoretical, technical, and applied aspects of geography with a strong support for new technological and program areas. We provide students with the opportunity to have direct experience in technical support areas and with off-campus internship programs. Upon completion of the program, we expect students to have an in-depth knowledge of the traditions, history, and philosophical underpinnings of the disciplines of geography and planning; have strong micro and internet computer skills in cartography, computer graphics, location analysis, and multivariate analysis; and develop strong research, writing, and communications skills.


The Faculty's wide-ranging expertise revolves around 6 major areas of specialization:The department has a dedicated core of award-winning faculty. The faculty's outstanding research and teaching efforts have been recognized by the University's College of Arts and Sciences, the European Specialty Group of the AAG, the Micro-Computers Specialty Group of the AAG, and the Institute for British Geographers. Two of our faculty are Masters Teachers, and one just recently won an Outstanding Teacher Award.

  • GIS and Spatial Analysis (including location-allocation modeling)
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Urban-Economic Geography
  • Environmental Geography/Planning
  • Land Use Analysis and Transportation Geography/Planning
  • Cultural, Behavioral, and Social Geography
  • Remote Sensing  

Over the years, the Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Toledo has maintained a proud tradition of teaching and research excellence. We endeavor to make the student educational experience intellectually rewarding and self-fulfilling. What follows is a more detailed description of the department's mission, goals and objectives; faculty research biographies; research facilities; and the department's economic development and community outreach focus. If you have any questions about our program or would like to visit please drop us a line.


2015/16 MA and PhD student funded positions now available
Geography Department Colloquium

Dennis Keating
  Nov.06, Friday, at 2:30 p.m
Synder Memorial 3066, UT
Geography Department Colloquium

Alessandra Faggian
  Oct.23, Friday, at 2:30 p.m
Synder Memorial 3066, UT
Geography Department Colloquium

Josh Ackers
  Oct.02, Friday, at 2:30 p.m
Synder Memorial 3066, UT

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Dr.Beth Schlemper attending White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools
  Dr.Beth Schlemper, Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Planning, College of Languages, Literature and Social Sciences is today attending the White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools where her National Science Foundation geospatial education project will be among the high school initiatives highlighted (official White House press release is attached)...
NASA grant to assist UT curriculum Geography professor to lead $10 million STEM initiative
  The university will announce today that geography professor Kevin Czajkowski will take the lead on a $10 million initiative to develop a project-based curriculum in STEM — science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The goal is to make learning in those subjects more hands-on for students, immersing them in projects to solve problems through science, with the aid of NASA data....   
UT Professors Assessing Financial Damage from Water Crisis
  Two University of Toledo professors are hard at work at one of the critical issues surrounding last year’s three-day event: What was the economic impact of the 2014 Toledo water crisis on the local economy?...   

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