Dept of Pediatrics

Application & Contact Information

Do I have to apply to your program through ERAS?

All applicants, International and American Medical Graduates, must apply through ERAS.

American Medical Graduates can obtain the ERAS packet through the Student Affairs or Dean's Office at their medical school.

International Medical Graduates can obtain the ERAS packet through the ECFMG.

When is the deadline to submit my application?

All applications must be received by the 1st of November each year, those received after this deadline my not be reviewed. 

What months do you interview?

The Department of Pediatrics conducts interviews from Mid October through Mid January.

What residency programs does your department sponsor?

The Department of Pediatrics sponsors a 3-year Pediatric (Categorical) Residency program.

Can International Medical Graduates apply to the program?

Yes, the residency program does accept International Medical Graduates. They must be ECFMG certified before the NRMP ranking deadline. The following criteria are preferred when reviewing applications from International Medical Graduates:

  • Scores of 200 or above on both parts I and II of the USMLE
  • Graduated from medical school within the last five years and advanced training experience
  • Clinical experience in the United States within the past 3 years in an accredited residency program or medical school
  • The decision to invite any candidate for an interview depends on the total number of applications as well as the overall quality of the applicant pool

What visas does your program sponsor?

The Department of Pediatrics will only sponsor candidates who obtain a J-1 visa. We DO NOT sponsor H-1 visas for residents. Of course, any candidate who possesses a permanent visa may apply to the program.

Who do I contact for additional information about your residency programs?

For more information please email Edith Reynolds, Program Coordinator at     

Please send any written requests to the following mailing address:

Pediatric Residency Program at the University of Toledo
2222 Cherry Street, Suite 1100
Toledo, OH 43608
Phone: 419-251-8050

Fax: 419-251-3878

Last Updated: 6/26/15