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Medical Mentoring

Allow someone’s hindsight to be your foresight

Medical school is challenging. Not only does it test the student’s personal knowledge base, but also his/her physical and emotional strength. Amidst these challenges, students are faced with decisions that will influence their entire future and though they are surrounded by hundreds of other students experiencing the same trials, it is easy to feel alone and/or lost in the process.

The Medical Mentoring Program of UTCOM provides a network for the establishment of a mentoring relationship between its medical students and alumni, faculty, and local physicians who understand the rigors of medical school. Intended to last throughout the student’s four years of medical school, the mentoring relationship provides a human connection for the discussion and exploration of personal aspirations, fears, achievements, and setbacks as well as areas of interest.

A mentor should be considered primarily as a role model; a person considered as a standard of excellence to be imitated, though they may fill the shoes of an advisor when providing recommendations regarding a decision or a course of action. However, the roles do not necessarily begin or end there. Functions performed by a mentor may include: personal support, career advising, role modeling for career and family, and collaboration on research/projects.

Establishing a mentoring relationship with a knowledgeable professional can enhance the student’s success throughout his/her medical education and can reinvigorate the passion of the mentor for the field of medicine.

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