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UnderGrad Research UnderGrad Research UnderGrad Research UnderGrad Research
UnderGrad Research UnderGrad Research UnderGrad Research UnderGrad Research

We encourage our undergraduate students who are thinking of graduate school, medical school or other health-related professional school, to consider conducting undergraduate research with one of our faculty members. Students must obtain the consent of the faculty member before registering for any section of BIOL 4910 (undergraduate research). Since most faculty members can only accommodate one or two undergraduate students in their labs each year, it is important to consult with the professor as early as possible. Students in the Honors Program, or wishing to be considered for departmental honors, must conduct and independent research project, write a thesis and make an oral presentation about their work before graduation.




21st Annual Biology Undergraduate Research Symposium Participants


2012 URS

URS 2016 Participants
L to R: Marissa Zyndorf, Brittany Thompson, Karlyn Waldeck, Heather Fronk, Emily Scott, Ahmad Assaly, Kinzah Sheikh, Julie Hannah, Ajay Lingireddy


The Department sponsors an Annual Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS) with monetary awards and the recognitions for outstanding research presentations. All undergraduate biological sciences students who are doing research in a lab, whether in the UT Biological Sciences Department or elsewhere, are encouraged to participate. Honors students are required to present their research projects at the symposium. The entire UT Biological Sciences department including faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students are invited to attend. Family and friends are also invited.

The URS provides a forum for undergraduate students to present their work in a formal setting, similar to what they will experience if they choose a career in science. It provides an opportunity to showcase the exciting projects in which our undergraduates are involved. It also demonstrates to the public the important role undergraduate students play in the departmental research mission.

In addition, many of our undergraduates conducting research projects also present their work at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research that is also held each spring. Watch the glass display case on the first floor of Bowman-Oddy for pictures and updates on research activities. Funding for summer research projects is available from a variety of sources including the UT Office of Research . It is also possible for our undergraduates to conduct research projects off campus. Please consult Amanda Seabolt or Dr. Bruce Bamber for more information.


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