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Innovation and Entrepreneurial Program

In the desire to create an environment and culture that embraces and rewards innovation and entrepreneurial ides, the University of Toledo has established this program.


To provide “seed” money to fund new projects at the University of Toledo consistent with Directions 2011 Strategic Plan (The Strategic Plan of the University of Toledo).


The team consists of Deans, Faculty, and Administrative Staff who will review and recommend approval of projects that meet certain criteria to the Provost and Chancellor. Once approved by the Provost and Chancellor the projects will be recommended to the President for approval to be funded.

How to Submit:

  1. Download and complete “New Project Request Form” as well as the “Five Year Financial Projections Spreadsheet” – assistance is available from the Innovation Team.
  2. Save both forms to your computer and email to InnovationEntrepreneurialProgram@utoledo.edu once complete.
  3. Request will be reviewed by members of the Innovation Team and questions asked and answered.
  4. Decisions will be made to either recommend to the Provost and Chancellor and subsequently the President for funding or to decline with an explanation of the decision and recommended actions.

Innovation Entrepreneurial Definitions and Instructions

New Program Request Form

Five Year Financial Projection Spreadsheet

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Team Members



Last Updated: 6/9/16