Department of Internal Audit and Compliance

What does UT Internal Audit do to ensure that it is not perceived as "the police"?

Internal auditing has significantly changed over the years, both in nature and by definition, as compared to the traditional approach. Similarly, the role of the internal auditor has also been redefined from that of being a “policeman” or “fault-finder” to that of an “advisor”, “consultant” and “business partner”.  Today, the internal auditor facilitates effective governance and achievement of UT’s business objectives.

Since UT Internal Audit has two main clients, the Audit Committee of The Board of Trustees and UT senior management, part of Internal Audit’s mission will always need to be compliance with existing laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.  However, UT Internal Audit has implemented a number of new “lines of business”, such as Control Self-Assessments, Business Process Improvement projects, and Continuous Controls Monitoring initiatives intended to position Internal Audit as the “consultant of choice” to senior management for all internal control matters.

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Last Updated: 6/9/16