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How Do I Plan for Graduation?

The graduation process is Degree Audit Report-based. You must have a minimum of 124 APPLIED credits on your Degree Audit Report (DAR) and complete all requirements in order to be awarded a degree in the Colleges of Arts and Letters or Natural Sciences and Mathematics. For most students this will require the completion of electives in addition to requirements.

Step 1: After earning 80 credit hours, complete one or more Graduation Progress Quick Checks in an appointment with your major adviser in order to verify requirements completed, in progress (i.e. registered in current and in future terms), and those that will be unmet after you complete all registered courses as indicated on your Degree Audit Report.

Take two copies of your Degree Audit Report and two copies of the appropriate Graduation Progress Quick Check form to the appointment.  

Ask your adviser (1) to identify on the Degree Audit Report any requirements that you have not met, (2) to complete the Quick Check form, and (3) to give you a copy of the DAR and completed Quick Check form for your records. (4) Also ask the adviser to list on the DAR or Quick Check form any substitutions, waivers, or exceptions which you will need to have applied to your Degree Audit Report.

Complete additional Graduation Progress Quick Checks with advisers for any additional programs: second major, second degree, minors, Honors College.

Step 2: You are responsible for seeing that substitutions, waivers, or exceptions areforwarded to the Student Services Center, University Hall 3000, and applied to your Degree Audit Report. Note: substitutions, waivers, or exceptions in your major, related fields, or minor requirements are subject to the approval of the department chair.

Step 3: File an Application for Graduation in the Office of the Registrar by the deadline in the semesterPRIOR to the one in which you wish to graduate.  The Office of the Registrar will send you details about the commencement ceremonies, regalia, diplomas, and deadlines for grades and grade changes.

Make every effort to finalize registration for your graduation term by the 13th week of the prior term.

Step 4: If you apply for graduation by the deadline, the Student Services Center will send you notification of your graduation status prior to the add/drop deadline in the semester in which have applied to graduate. The notification will include the Degree Audit Report listing the registration(s) on which the determination of your status is based.

Step 5: If changes to your registration(s) are necessary to meet requirements in your term of application or, if necessary, in a future term, make the changes as soon as possible and prior to add/drop deadlines. Consult with your major adviser if you need assistance.

Student Responsibilities

  1. You must understand and meet all requirements. Develop plans to complete requirements based on your Degree Audit Report and the Graduation Progress Quick Check(s) which you complete with your adviser(s).

  2. It is your responsibility to re-run and check your Degree Audit Report both if you make changes to your registration(s) and after grades are posted to ensure that requirements are being fulfilled.

  3. You must make sure that your academic program as listed in your MyUT Portal account includes all degrees, majors, and minors with which you want to graduate, prior to the time you apply for graduation.   If it does not, you must fill out a form at the Student Services Center, University Hall 3000, so that changes can be made in Banner, prior to the time you apply.

  4. You must update your records to include your current name, addresses, and phone numbers.

  5. Since the graduation process is Degree Audit Report-based, you must insure that any and all substitutions, waivers, or exceptions made by your adviser have been approved, forwarded to the Student Services Office, and applied to your Degree Audit Report.

  6. You must apply for graduation by the official university deadline as posted by the Registrar.

  7. In order to have your degree(s) awarded for the term in which you applied to graduate, you must resolve all issues involving course registration, grades, grade changes, and grade deletions as necessary for meeting GPA and course requirements by the Registrar’s deadline (less than thirty days after the commencement ceremony).. Note: Degrees will not be awarded if any PR (Progress) grades remain on your transcript.

  8. If you do not meet requirements for graduation in the semester for which you applied, you must file a new application for a future term.

What are some other important considerations that may apply to me?

Are you a transfer student?
Have you sent all official transcripts from other schools?
Is the work evaluated?
Do you have any transfer grades in your major or minor below a C?
*This may result in a combined UT and transfer GPA in the major or minor that is below the GPA needed for graduation.

Have you met the residency requirements?
        - minimum 30 hours at UT
        - minimum 12 credits in your major at UT (22 for psychology majors)
        - minimum 9 credits in your minor

Are you pursuing departmental or college honors?

If completion of Departmental or College Honors is not represented correctly on your Degree Audit Report, you must contact your Honors adviser to help you resolve the issues.

Do you intend to earn more than one degree?

If you intend to earn more than one degree, you will need to earn an additional 20 credits above the number of credits required to earn the first degree, including any developmental credits or repeats which will not be used for grade deletions.

Did I take classes not applicable to my degree? How do I know they did not apply?

You may have earned credits (as indicated on your UT transcript) which are not applicable to your degree. *With the exception of excess Technical Electives (some Arts and Letters degrees only), your Degree Audit Report will automatically deduct the non-applicable credits from the APPLIED totals on your DAR.

The same courses cannot be used to meet major requirements in more than one major or to meet both major requirements and minor requirements.

Were you given permission to complete final courses in absentia?

If you have been given permission to complete final courses in absentia (including advance approval for the specific courses you intend to transfer back to UT), immediately upon completion of these courses, request an official transcript be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admission, Mail Stop 306, The University of Toledo, 2801 West Bancroft Street, Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390.  

Last Updated: 12/14/17