College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacy Student Council Minutes: March 2, 2011

Roll Call:  AAPS, APhA, AZO, KY, LKS, SNPhA, SSHP, Rx Ambassadors, Rxeal Life, P1 PharmD Representative, P1 BSPS Representative, P2 PharmD Representative, P2 BSPS Representative, P3 PharmD Representative, Pre-professional

Dean's Report

  • Dean Early
  • Dr. Hinko
    • Suggestion Box- No suggestions
    • Self Study- Real visit will be in September but mock visit will be April 26, 2011 11:00am to 12:30pm in HEB 149. As student council members, please make it a point to attend the mock site visit. What you say is very important to the success of this visit. Please RSVP to Cindy Soncrant (

Secretary's Minutes

Approve:  Scarlett Lynn   Second: Jon McLachlan

Treasurer's Report

Old Business

Pre-professional organization


Technical Standards Draft- an ACPE suggested standard to define professional competencies


  • Hoping to have it launched by the time we get back from spring break
  • Still need a description of every organization, please email to Hania
  • Otherwise Shawn will write it 

Print Quotas

  • Charge was increased from $0.05 to $0.10 but students were given twice as much ($120 instead of $60)
  • You still need to email to get your print quota transferred from main campus to HSC
  • Also you have a separate print quota at Mulford Library

Pharmacy Phield Day

  • Julie is in the process of confirming whether or not we are authorized to have the inflatables and food on HSC
  • SSHP is doing pie a professor
  • Other organizations, we really need events/contests from you organizations, please email
  • Tentative Date: April 15th, 11-3pm
  • Kappa Psi has meeting out of town that day.

New Business

Mulford Library - Professional Courtesy

  • Complaints from many students about inconsideration in the library such as being loud and obnoxious
  • Please try to be respectful

Scheduling Rooms

  • Shawn and Dr. Martin put together a sheet of rooms and times where there are no classes and when the most students will not be in class and available for meetings
  • This is for the Fall 2011:
    • Trying to make room scheduling easier for student organizations
    • Also there is a pharmacy hour
    • Jessica Merritt will be talking about room scheduling at our next meeting
    • For smaller rooms (< 30 people) you can go to Pam Hennen in the HSC Office of Student Affairs (HEB 155) for scheduling in the HSC Pharmacy building
    • POST MEETING: Student organizations can download the request form for rooms outside of the HSC Pharmacy building ( ) and submit it to Pam Hennen in the HSC Office of Student Affairs. She will FAX it to the appropriate University office.

Jordanian International Pharmaceutical Conference

  • Conference that the CPPS has been invited to co-sponsor
  • Recruitment of Jordanian researchers
  • Would be held here in Toledo and be more research oriented
  • Students would be invited

Capturing Student Stories, Photos, and Captions

  • Charisse Montgomery is looking for photos and stories from student organizations for a newsletter/website
  • Good PR for your organization!

March Madness Fundraiser

  • A PA student wants to do this with the entire HSC
  • Competition between all colleges
  • You can submit a bracket for $5
  • Winners will be posted every week and the overall winner can pick which charity they want the money to be donated to
  • Contact Shawn for more information

Tutoring Pilot program- Christine Reichert Director of Academic Enrichment Center-

  • Will be starting in the fall. Pharmacy faculty met and determined the most high-risk courses (most intense).
    P1: PPT1, Pharmacology, Med Chem, Biochem
  • Will primarily be group tutoring and extra drop in and group sessions the week before exams
  • There won’t be individual tutoring without authorization
  • May expand down the road to supplemental instruction etc. but not yet.
  • Tutoring will begin after the 3rd week which will give a chance for tutors to meet, be trained and established
  • Estimated to hold 52 group sessions a week but will probably be an over estimation, so target is to get 15 tutors for the year
  • Hours are very flexible and you could even do this during specified times (ex if you’re off on rotations some months)
  • Tutor recruitment will begin soon, Friday April 15th. Students must have a B+ or better in the course and have to complete an interview.
  • Tutors can be volunteer (preferred, may open up to more scholarship opportunities), work study, and hired from budget (tough with upcoming budget cuts)
  • Need help to promote the open house!  Will be held on the 5th floor of Mulford Library in the Academic Enrichment Center, Friday, April 15th beginning around 11:00am            

Upcoming Events

  • Spring Meetings:  Mar. 30th 4:00PM April 29th 4:00PM
  • Speaker APhA & SSHP, March 16th, 4:00pm COB 1050
    • Extra credit for P2s in Pulmonary!
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