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Developing Transportation Opportunity Districts (TODs)

A Transportation Opportunity District (TOD) is a geographically defined area that focuses on businesses whose success and competitive advantage is primarily dependent on transportation and logistics.

A TOD takes advantage of a location where designated economic incentives and strategic geographical assets of major pipeline, highway, sea, air, and rail transportation converge.

A TOD provides one-stop access to and support for incentive programs currently available from federal, state, and local authorities. One such example could be designation as a Foreign Trade Zone. It can also assign creative incentives that are unique only to a TOD.

TOD can offer economies of scale in infrastructure and operating improvements that encourage private-sector companies to invest and locate manufacturing, transportation, and distribution facilities in a region. Incentives such as reduced start up time through pre- approved favorable zoning, clearances, and other expedited approvals encourage companies to locate in a TOD. They also reduce significantly initial investment costs, and/or continuing operating costs.

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