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Research at UT

The overall responsibility of the University Research and Sponsored Programs is to provide leadership in setting the research agenda and to facilitate and oversee research and sponsored programs, technology transfer, and economic development efforts of the University.  This is accomplished by strategic planning, acquisition and allocation of resources, identification of target areas for investment, enhancement of the infrastructure and implementation of University policies.

The University of Toledo research policies are currently being revised. Until superseded by new university-wide policies, the campus policies remain in effect. Please visit The University of Toledo's Research and Sponsored Programs policies website for the current policies.

Policy Number     
Policy Name
3364-70-00   Research and Sponsored Programs Policies
3364-70-01    Financial Conflict of Interest Policy for Sponsored Programs     
3364-70-02 Responsible Conduct of Scholarship and Research
3364-70-03 Research Council
3364-70-04 Patent Policy
3364-70-05 Protection of Human Subjects in Research
3364-70-06 Use of Biohazardous Materials, Recombinant DNA and Select Agents and Toxin in Research
3364-70-07 University of Toledo Personnel Working at National Laboratories - Compliance with Institutional Agreements
3364-70-08 Policy for Research Using Cadaveric Tissue
3364-70-09 Compensation for Treatment of Injuries to Subjects in Covered Commercially Sponsored Clinical Trials
3364-70-10 Laboratory Animal Welfare, Care and Use
3364-70-11 Policy not assigned to this number
3364-70-12 Material Transfer Policy
3364-70-13 Disposition of Start-Up Equity
3364-70-14 Copyright Policy
3364-70-15 Commercialization Policy
3364-70-16 Research Related Centers and Institutes
3364-70-17 Use of List I and II Chemicals in Research - Drug Enforcement Agency Guidelines
3364-70-18 Faculty/Staff Compensation from Sponsored Programs
3364-70-19 Policy not assigned to this number
3364-70-20 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs
3364-70-21 Integrity in Research and Scholarship
3364-70-22 Principal Investigator/Project Director Responsibilities on Sponsored Projects
3364-70-23 Facilities and Administration Policy
Last Updated: 6/9/16