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Frequently Asked Questions

In the past there were two rounds per year for the larger programs. Is that still true?
No. There is only one round per year for the deArce Medical Research, Summer Fellowship, Visiting Faculty, Archaeological Research, and Interdisciplinary Research programs. The Phase 0 SBIR, Publications Subvention, and Proposal Preparation award programs accept applications year-round.
How much money is available?
This year approximately $90,000 has been budgeted for the non-endowment awards. The two endowment awards are the deArce Memorial Endowment for Medical Research Awards, which is expected to have about $80,000, and the Archaeological Research Fund, which is projected to have approx. $2,000.  Exact amounts depend on the projected investment earnings on the endowments – which have been changing precipitously, and lately not usually for the better.
On the faculty awards, does the award amount include fringe benefits?
Yes, if salary is requested and awarded, fringe benefits must be paid on faculty salaries, and will come out of the amount awarded.  For summer faculty salary, the current rate is 30.3%.
How do I calculate my salary request for the Summer Fellowship?
The maximum salary request up to $12,000 (there is no minimum) is the equivalent of six weeks’ of your nine-month salary plus fringe benefits. The formula for calculating your salary is (your gross two-week salary X 3) plus 30.3% for fringe benefits. For most people the best source of information on their salary, if uncertain, is their college business manager.
What if six weeks of my salary with fringe benefits is more than the $12,000 limit for the Summer Fellowship program?
You may not exceed the limit, so the maximum amount you may request is $12,000 WITH fringe benefits.
I already have salary support for the summer, so I want to ask for the entire amount for students, materials and supplies. Is there a problem with that?
No, but as in all cases, your budget justification should clarify how you would use funding to accomplish your objectives.
How many Archaeological Research Fund awards will be given? How much?
The guidelines for this endowment do not stipulate any minimum or maximum number of awards. Typically one or two awards are given, with the total award amount in the range of $1,500 to $2,000
How many awards will be given in the other programs?  How many were given in previous years?
Previous award history is posted to the Office of Research website (
What about release time for an academic year deArce award?
You MUST have department and college approval at the time of submission. This will take preparation! It is not realistic to expect the decision for release time approval to be made in short time, and endorsement is required. Begin discussions with your department chair early!
Is the Proposal Preparation Mini-Grants to Federal Agencies money just to be used during the summer or can it be used during the AY?
To use the funds to pay for faculty salary as indicated (one month of dedicated time), it may only be used during the summer. However, the Office of Research and the Research Council recognize that there may be pressing deadlines throughout the year, and that applicants may have other uses. Therefore, one may apply for the grant during the academic year for non-salary uses to be specified in the proposal. Examples might include paying for a consultant to discuss the project and review the proposal, or traveling to visit a program officer.

Where can I find out about undergrad awards?

The Office of Undergraduate Research, directed by Dr. Thomas Kvale, now handles the Undergrad Program. Please visit the website for the office of undergrad research in order to find out more information. (
There used to be a Publication Assistance program. What happened to that?
It’s back! As of 2006-2007 the Publication Subvention award program is back. You can view the details on the Office of Research webpage or in the URAF guidelines handbook.
Are visiting faculty eligible for any of these programs?
Who determines the recipients of these awards, and what is the process?
The review process is specified in the UT Policies and Procedures manual.  As indicated in the manual, each year through a variety of appointments there is composed the University Research Council (details, including names of the current RC, on our website).  The RC, which includes a wide range of expertise, reviews all of the major faculty program applications. An ad hoc subcommittee may review the student applications.
Is there a template available for submitting a final report?
Yes, the guidelines are available online at the Office of Research website. A direct link to the guidelines is here:  
If I run into problems completing the work or spending the money by the deadline, is it possible to get an extension?
You may request an extension in writing. Address your request to the Director of Grants Development, Elsa Nadler, and provide a brief explanation and proposed end date.
Last Updated: 6/26/15